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* Today the Seahawks unexpectedly fired head coach, Jim Mora. They have wasted no time in their search for a replacement. The Seahawks reportedly have already interviewed USC head coach Pete Carroll, and it’s being said that the two sides are very close to an agreement. Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is also being interviewed for the position.

* It’s being reported out of Detroit, that the Lions have no interest in bringing back (QB)Daunte Culpepper next season.

* Rams (DE)Leonard Little is set to become a free agent, and is pondering weather to retire, or play on. If he decides to hit the market, the Carolina Panthers will reportedly be interested.

* It’s looking more likely that 2010 will finally be the season in which the Cardinals trade (WR)Anquan Boldin. The have good depth at the position, and will probably still be able to receive at least a 2nd Round Draft Pick in exchange. The Ravens, and Dolphins likely will try to pull the trigger on a deal.

* It is still unknown weather the Raiders will let go of head coach Tom Cable. It is also unknown what if the Raiders will continue to start their “franchise” (QB)JaMarcus Russell. What is known is that the Raiders are in desperate need of a spark and it may come in the form of trade. The Eagles seem to have plenty at the quarterback position, and a new rumor suggests that the Raiders will create a spark by acquiring (QB)Michael Vick from the Eagles. It’s no surprise that the Eagles will be willing to part with Vick, and Vick wants the opportunity to be a starting quarterback in the NFL again. The Raiders don’t have anything to lose with this option, and if it were me, i’d cut my loses with JaMarcus Russell, trade for Michael Vick, and draft a quarterback to groom. JaMarcus Russell would benefit from this as well. He would be able to get a fresh start with a new team, and he definitely would get some interest around the league.

* Now that Jim Mora has been fired, the rumor of Mike Holmgren and the Cleveland Browns trying to trade for Seahawks (QB)Matt Hasselbeck seems much more likely to happen now that Mora is gone. The Seahawks will be looking to rebuild, and with 2 first round picks this year, they have a great opportunity to select and franchise QB this season, and still get something in return for Hasselbeck.