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Philadelphia Eagles :
*Signed UFA (CB)Marlin Jackson/Colts

Washington Redskins :
*Signed UFA (DT)Maake Kemoeatu/Panthers

Chicago Bears :
*Signed UFA (FB)Eddie Williams/Redskins

Arizona Cardinals :
*Re-Signed UFA (TE)Anthony Becht
*Re-Signed UFA (TE)Stephen Spach
*Re-Signed ERFA (DE)Jeremy Clark

St. Louis Rams :
*Re-Signed UFA (TE)Daniel Fells

Seattle Seahawks :
*Re-Signed (K)Olindo Mare (Franchise Tender)

Buffalo Bills :
*Re-Signed ERFA (LB)Jon Corto

Miami Dolphins :
*Waived (OL)SirVincent Rogers

New England Patriots :
*Re-Signed UFA (RB)Kevin Faulk

Baltimore Ravens :
*Re-Signed UFA (WR)Derrick Mason

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Signed UFA (WR)Antonio Bryant/Buccaneers
*Re-Signed UFA (TE)Daniel Coats

Houston Texans :
*Signed UFA (OL)Wade Smith/Chiefs

Denver Broncos :
*Released (DE)Kenny Peterson
*Waived (OL)Mitch Erickson

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Signed UFA (DT)Shaun Smith/Bengals

Buffalo Bills :
*Released (WR)Justin Jenkins
*Released (OL)Marvin Philip
*Waived (TE)Derek Fine
*Waived (LB)Ashlee Palmer
*Waived (DE)Jermaine McGhee
*Waived (DT)Marcus Smith
*Waived (S)John Wendling

Miami Dolphins :
*Re-Signed (OL)SirVincent Rogers to F.C.

Pittsburgh Steelers :
*Signed (LB)Renauld Williams to F.C.

Tennessee Titans :
*Re-Signed UFA (OL)Eugene Amano to 5-Year Contract

Oakland Raiders :
*Re-Signed UFA (K)Sebastian Janikowski to 4-Year/$16M Contract

Other :
*Former Dolphins/Cowboys/Chiefs (LB)Zach Thomas announced retirement
*Former Patriots (RB)Patrick Pass announced retirement