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New York Giants :
*Signed (WR)Ike Hilliard/Buccaneers to announce retirement
*Waived (LB)Kenny Ingram

Philadelphia Eagles :
*Acquired (RB)J.J. Arrington from Broncos in exchange for (LB)Joe Mays

Washington Redskins :
*Signed 1st Round Draft Pick/#4 (OL)Trent Williams

Detroit Lions :
*Signed 1st Round Draft Pick/#30 (RB)Jahvid Best

Green Bay Packers :
*Signed 1st Round Draft Pick/#23 (OL)Bryan Bulaga

Minnesota Vikings :
*Signed 2nd Round Draft Pick/#51 (RB)Toby Gerhart

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*Re-Signed RFA (OL)Donald Penn to 6-Year Contract Extension

Arizona Cardinals :
*Signed 2nd Round Draft Pick/#47 (LB)Daryl Washington
*Waived (FB)Reagan Mauia

St. Louis Rams :
*Signed 1st Round Draft Pick/#1 (QB)Sam Bradford
*Placed (OL)Mark Setterstrom on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List

San Francisco 49ers :
*Signed 1st Round Draft Pick/#11 (OL)Anthony Davis
*Signed 1st Round Draft Pick/#17 (OL)Mike Iupati
*Signed 2nd Round Draft Pick/#49 (S)Taylor Mays
*Signed 3rd Round Draft Pick/#91 (LB)Navorro Bowman

Buffalo Bills :
*Signed UFA (LB)Donovan Woods/Cowboys
*Waived (LB)Nic Harris

Miami Dolphins :
*Waived (OL)Ray Feinga

New York Jets :
*Re-Signed Head Coach Rex Ryan to 2-Year Contract Extension
*Re-Signed General Manager Mike Tannenbaum to 5-Year Contract Extension
*Signed UFA (WR)Laveranues Coles/Bengals
*Placed (QB)Erik Ainge on Reserve/Non-Football Injury List

Pittsburgh Steelers :
*Signed 1st Round Draft Pick/#18 (OL)Maurkice Pouncey
*Released (LB)Matt Stewart
*Waived (LB)Johnny Williams

Houston Texans :
*Signed 1st Round Draft Pick/#20 (CB)Kareem Jackson

Indianapolis Colts :
*Waived (OL)Gerald Cadogan

Tennessee Titans :
*Signed 3rd Round Draft Pick/#77 (WR)Damian Williams

Denver Broncos :
*Acquired (LB)Joe Mays from Eagles in exchange for (RB)J.J. Arrington

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Signed 1st Round Draft Pick/#5 (S)Eric Berry


1) (QB)Tom Brady – New England Patriots (vs. Tennessee Titans)
Why : The Titans are ranked (#31/32) in pass defense, giving up an average of 287.6 yards per game. They have also given up 13 touchdowns to pass attempts this season which is second worse in the NFL, to the Lions 15. The Titans are an unbelievable (0-5) and have had so many problems against the pass due to the early season injuries to (CB)Cortland Finnegan, (CB)Nick Harper, and (S)Vincent Fuller. This week they went out and signed, now journeyman, (CB)Roderick Hood to shore up their unit a bit, that consists of rookies (CB)Ryan Mouton and (CB)Jason McCourty, as well as (CB)Cary Williams who has spent time on the Titans practice squad this season. Look for Brady to exploit them, and owners of (WR)Randy Moss and (WR)Wes Welker will benefit.

2) (RB)Rashard Mendenhall – Pittsburgh Steelers (vs. Cleveland Browns)
Why : The Browns rank dead last (#32/32) in run defense, giving up an average of 170.4 rushing yards per game. They also have given up 8 rushing touchdowns this season, which is second to worst in the league (the Texans have given up 9). There are early reports that (RB)Willie Parker may play in this one but I don’t think it will matter if he does, or doesn’t. Either way Mendenhall should have a big game. He has shown he can be the Steelers #1 back, and if he has a good showing this week, I don’t see how there is any looking back as far as Willie Parker is concerned.

3) (WR)Greg Jennings – Green Bay Packers (vs. Detroit Lions)
Why : The Lions rank (#27/32) in pass defense, giving up an average of 244.6 yards per game. They also have given up a league worst in passing touchdowns which is a whopping 15 total. The Lions can’t seem to decide if (CB)Anthony Henry or (CB)Phillip Buchanon will be their starter. They play musical chairs with those 2 constantly. No consistancy at all. Earlier this week the Lions placed (CB)Eric King on Injured Reserve and signed free agent (CB)DeMarcus Faggins to take his spot on the roster. None of these options will put a stop to a hungry Greg Jennings this week.

4) (TE)Jeff King – Carolina Panthers (@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Why : The Buccaneers rank (#21/32) in pass defense, giving up an average of 227.2 yards per game. They also have given up 12 passing touchdowns on the year, which is third worst in the league. I can say that this pick is a risky one, but it seems to me that Jeff King is becoming someone (QB)Jake Delhomme can rely on more and more with each passing week.

5) (WR)Donnie Avery – St. Louis Rams (@ Jacksonville Jaguars)
Why : My sleeper pick this week is going up against a Jaguars pass defense that ranks (#30/32) in the league, giving up an average of 273 yards per game this season, as well as, 11 touchdowns. (QB)Marc Bulger will be returning as the Rams starter, and looked really good in his short return last week. Donnie Avery will be the Rams #1 receiving option this week, and look for Avery to show this week, that last year was no fluke. This kid has talent!


1) (QB)Matt Cassel – Kansas City Chiefs (@ Washington Redskins)
Why : The Redskins rank (#3/32) in pass defense, giving up an average of 171.2 yards per game with 5 touchdowns allowed. The Redskins have a lot of drama going on with their team right now. Questions have come up about firing Jim Zorn, the players are blaming upper management, and players are blaming other players due to their lackluster performance so far. Despite all of that, I think the Chiefs offensive line will not be able to hold up the pass rush of the Redskins, which will force Cassel to make bad decisions.

2) (RB)Julius Jones – Seattle Seahawks (vs. Arizona Cardinals)
Why : The Cardinals rank first (#1/32) in rushing defense, giving up only an average of 71 yards per game, and a total of 2 rushing TD’s this season. The weird thing about this is the Cardinals rank dead last (#32/32) in pass defense giving up an average of 303 yards per game. Look for (QB)Matt Hasselbeck to stick to the passing game. The numbers say it all!

3) (WR)Terrell Owens – Buffalo Bills (@ New York Jets)
Why : The Jets rank (#8/32) in pass defense, giving up an average of 194.4 yards per game, with 3 passing touchdowns allowed. Don’t let these numbers fool you though. They should be a lot better because they have been without (CB)Lito Sheppard, and (CB)Donald Strickland. Both are expected to be back this week, and after the beating they took last week by the Dolphins offense, head coach Rex Ryan will not let that happen again. Terrell Owens has been practically non-existant this season, and I don’t expect him to be any more visable this week. I expect the Jets to be on shut-down mode, and they won’t take Terrell Owens’s bad season lightly what-so-ever.

4) (TE)Zach Miller – Oakland Raiders (vs. Philadelphia Eagles)
Why : The Eagles rank (#4/32) in pass defense, giving up an average of 171.5 yards per game with 7 touchdowns allowed. 7 touchdowns may seem like alot but it falls in line with the top 3 passing defenses. The Giants (#1) have allowed 4 TD passes, the Panthers (#2) have allowed 6 TD passes, and the Redskins (#3) have allowed 5 TD passes. Then you have to factor in the terrible performance from Raiders (QB)JaMarcus Russell this season and that is why the talented Zach Miller falls under the Who’s Not catagory this week. Zach Miller has so much damn talent, and it’s a shame it’s getting wasted away with such a poor QB. The Raiders need to get a new QB under center for the rest of the season, even if it’s their #2 (QB)Bruce Gradkowski. Maybe JaMarcus Russell just needs a change of scenery to help his cause, because as long as Al Davis is alive……the Raiders will be a terribly run franchise.

5) (RB)DeAngelo Williams – Carolina Panthers (@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Why : My “beware” pick of the week is going up against the Buccaneers who rank (#28/32) in the league in run defense, giving up an average of 152.6 yards per game this season. Now, that is a pretty bad ranking for the Buccaneers, and you would think because of those numbers, “I’m starting DeAngelo Williams this week”. DeAngelo hasn’t put up huge numbers yet this season. Then again, he didn’t really get “hot” until the last half of the season last year. The Buccaneers have only given up a total of 3 rushing touchdowns this season, despite their lowly ranking. Another reason I say beware, is because (RB)Jonathan Stewart has been sneeking in some of those goal-line carries. So if you have a more viable option this week at RB, start him instead.

Who’s Hot for Week 4

1) (QB)Jay Cutler-Chicago Bears (vs. Detroit Lions)
Why : The Lions are ranked (#30/32) in pass defense, giving up an average of of 278.7 yards per game. They also have given up the most passing touchdowns of any team in the league with 10. That’s right, 10. That’s 3 more than second worst in the league which is 7 touchdown passes, given up by the Cardinals, Titans, & Buccaneers. Plus, Cutler’s flat out on fire. Enjoy it while it lasts Mo-town.

2) (RB)Cedric Benson-Cincinnati Bengals (@ Cleveland Browns)
Why : The Browns are ranked (#30/32) in run defense, giving up an average of 184.3 rushing yards per game. Terrible….want to know what makes them even worse? They have given up a league high 8 rushing touchdowns so far this year (along with the Texans). Benson has become a heavily reliable running back each and every week. Just look at what he did last week against one of the leagues top defenses in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3) (WR)Mike Sims-Walker-Jacksonville Jaguars (vs. Tennessee Titans)
Why : The Titans are ranked (#29/32) in passing defense, giving up an average of 274.7 yards per game. On top of that, they have allowed 7 touchdown passes already this season. Sims-Walker is one game away from becoming the Jaguars #1 receiving threat. I believe this week, will be the week.

4) (TE)Chris Cooley-Washington Redskins (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Why : The Buccaneers are ranked (#21/32) in passing defense, giving up an average of 245 yards per game. They also have given up a total of 7 passing touchdowns. These numbers are expected to get worse for the Buccaneers due to losing (S)Jermaine Phillips for the season. Look for (QB)Jason Campbell to find Cooley often during this match-up.

5) (RB)Michael Bush-Oakland Raiders (@ Houston Texans)
Why : This is my sleeper pick of the week. The Texans are ranked dead last against the run this season, giving up an average of 204.7 yards per game. They also have given up 8 rushing touchdowns this season. Darren McFadden should also have a great game this week, but don’t be surprised if Bush finds the end zone on at least one occasion this week.

Who’s Not (John Madden)for Week 4:

1) (QB)Tony Romo-Dallas Cowboys (@ Denver Broncos)
Why : Surprisingly, the Broncos rank second (#2/32) in pass defense, giving up only an average of 136.3 yards per game. They are also the only team in the league to not allow one single passing touchdown this season. Denver did some great re-arranging of their secondary in the off-season, adding long time Eagles great, (S)Brian Dawkins, and a pair of former Dolphins defensive backs, (S)Renaldo Hill, & (CB)Andre Goodman. It looks like the change of scenery has done them well, and Romo still seems to be not completely on the same page with their #1 Wide Receiver, Roy Williams. I don’t see Romo playing that well in Denver either. Sure seems like Tony Romo, and Terrell Owens are LOST without each other.

2) (RB)Fred Jackson-Buffalo Bills (@ Miami Dolphins)
Why : The Dolphins are ranked (#3/32) in rushing defense, giving up an average of only 66 rushing yards per game. They have only given up 2 rushing touchdowns as well. Bills (RB)Marshawn Lynch is coming back from a 3 game suspension this week, and will definitely reduce the work load of Fred Jackson. Fred Jackson did an excellent job of filling in for Lynch through the first 3 weeks of the season, but you cannot ignore the talents of Marshawn Lynch.

3) (WR)Nate Burleson-Seattle Seahawks (@ Indianapolis Colts)
Why : The Colts are ranked (#10/32) in passing defense, giving up an average of 192.3 yards per game. The Colts have only given up 1 passing touchdown this season.

4) (TE)Sean Ryan-Kansas City Chiefs (vs. New York Giants)
Why : The Giants are ranked first (#1/32) in the league in passing defense, giving up an average of 124 yards per game, and a total of 2 passing touchdowns. Now, I know Sean Ryan isn’t even a huge threat in the first place. He is the Chiefs starting tight end, but this week this Chiefs went out and signed for Cardinals (TE)Leonard Pope, who was released during final roster cuts. Leonard Pope is more of a threat than Sean Ryan is, and i’m sure he will see action this week, but the way the Chiefs passing attack has been, combined with the fact that the Giants are ranked first in defense, no Chiefs tight end this week will “light it up”. Oh how they shouldn’t of traded Tony Gonzalez.

5) (RB)Steven Jackson-St. Louis Rams (@ San Francisco 49ers)
Why : This is my “Beware” pick of the week. The 49ers are ranked (#4/32) in rushing defense, with an average of only 66.7 yards per game allowed. The reason I call for “beware” is because a) 66.7 yards per game is impressive and b) they haven’t allowing one single rushing touchdown yet this season. Steven Jackson is great running back in my eyes, but Mike Singletary has his defense on top of its game this season. Don’t look for them to faulter at home this week either.

Calling myself out : Last week I chose to put (TE)Vernon Davis in the “Who’s Not” section, when it should have been the complete opposite. He compiled 96 yards, 7 receptions, 2 of them going for touchdowns. My bad, but in my defense, I’m just giving it to you “by the numbers”. But what a game between the Vikings and 49ers. That game personified why the game of football is such a great game, and why I have such a passion for it. Anything can happen. Where else can you get a guy coming out of retirement for the second time, with everyone questioning if he still “had it”, throwing a pass to the back of the end zone with seconds left in the game while on the losing end, to a guy that was newly aquired and hadn’t even caught a single pass with his new team yet. 2 feet in bounds….TOUCHDOWN!! What a game….what a sport.

Let me start this whole thing off by saying I’m a Chicago Bears fan, and traditionally do not care for any New York teams. With that said, it’s impossible to ignore what’s going on with the J!E!T!S! They look like a team on a mission, and it all starts with their quarterback Mark Sanchez. The young USC product is showing incredible poise while under pressure, and is taking this Jets team on his shoulders. His 4 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and 606 yards or the quarterback rating of 87.7 doesn’t seem all that impressive, until you watch the game. He looks like a veteran quarterback in the pocket, and the best thing about him to Jets’ fans is, he’s only going to get better.

Now let’s turn the tides a minute to the defense. They came into the season completely underrated, and i’m not sure that’s changed much in the eyes of so-called “experts.” The fact of the matter is, they stopped Tom Brady cold. They stopped the whole NE offense dead in their tracks, but that was last week and Sunday brought a brand new opponent with brand new problems Sanchez and the “D” to tangle with. Enter now, 5 man pressure and a very confused Kerry Collins who had an unbelievable 13 straight incomplete passes. Chris Johnson had his usual good game, and LenDale White ran well, so if I could see one glaring weakness with the Jets, it would be their run stopping defense, then again Chris Johnson didn’t run for 200 yards so I suppose that’s a plus for New York. If we can even add one more plus to an already stellar start to the season. Are the Jets the real deal? I believe it’s too early to tell, but in during the next 3 months I’m sure the Jets will give New York something unexpected to cheer about.

In a closing about the Jets, I love the approach Rex Ryan brings to the coaching table. He’s stern, he’s honest and if nothing else…he’s winning.