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New York Giants :
*Waived/Injured (WR)Chris Davis

Washington Redskins :
*Waived (WR)Marques Hagans off Injured Reserve

Detroit Lions :
*Signed 7th Round Draft Pick/#213 (DE)Willie Young

Minnesota Vikings :
*Claimed (WR)Marko Mitchell off waivers from Lions

St. Louis Rams :
*Signed 4th Round Draft Pick/#99 (WR)Mardy Gilyard
*Signed 5th Round Draft Pick/#149 (DE)Hall Davis
*Signed 6th Round Draft Pick/#189 (DE)Eugene Sims
*Signed 7th Round Draft Pick/#211 (CB)Marquis Johnson

Baltimore Ravens :
*Signed 6th Round Draft Pick/#194 (OL)Ramon Harewood

Cleveland Browns :
*Signed 6th Round Draft Pick/#186 (DE)Clifton Geathers

Detroit Lions :
*Signed 4th Round Draft Pick/#128 (OL)Jason Fox
*Waived (WR)Marko Mitchell

New Orleans Saints :
*Signed (WR)Joe Horn to announce his retirement

Seattle Seahawks :
*Waived (S)Kevin Ellison

Miami Dolphins :
*Signed 5th Round Draft Pick/#145 (CB)Nolan Carroll
*Signed 7th Round Draft Pick/#252 (LB)Austin Spitler

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Signed 6th Round Draft Pick/#191 (WR)Dezmon Brizcoe

Detroit Lions :
*Claimed (WR)Marko Mitchell off waivers from Redskins

New Orleans Saints :
*Claimed (RB)P.J. Hill off waivers from Redskins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*Re-Signed ERFA (RB)Clifton Smith

St. Louis Rams :
*Waived (QB)Mike Reilly
*Waived (WR)Travis Brown
*Waived (CB)Marcus Brown

San Francisco 49ers :
*Re-Signed (LB)Patrick Willis to a 5-Year Contract Extension

Seattle Seahawks :
*Claimed (QB)Mike Reilly off waivers from Rams

Indianapolis Colts :
*Waived (TE)Jamie Petrowski
*Waived (DE)Rudolph Hardie

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Signed FA (WR)David Grimes/Broncos

Washington Redskins :
*Waived (RB)Anthony Alridge
*Waived (RB)P.J. Hill
*Waived (WR)Marko Mitchell
*Waived (WR)James Robinson
*Waived (DT)Anthony Montgomery

New Orleans Saints :
*Re-Signed UFA (S)Darren Sharper

Arizona Cardinals :
*Signed FA (KR/CB)Justin Miller/Jets

Seattle Seahawks :
*Signed FA (OL)Joe Toledo/Chargers
*Waived (LS)Patrick McDonald

Baltimore Ravens :
*Withdrew ERFA Tender from (S)Keith Fitzhugh (now becomes UFA)

Cleveland Browns :
*Signed UFA (TE)Alex Smith/Eagles

Indianapolis Colts :
*Waived (WR)Roy Hall

Denver Broncos :
*Signed FA (WR)Dicky Lyons Jr./Falcons