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Dallas Cowboys :
*Re-Signed (RB)Herb Donaldson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Travis Bright to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Donovan Woods to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Marquis Floyd to F.C.

Arizona Cardinals :
*Re-Signed (WR)Onrea Jones to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Edward Gant to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Tom Pestock to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Jonathan Palmer to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Ali Highsmith to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Mark Washington to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DE)Ryan Kees to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Rashad Barksdale to F.C.

Denver Broncos :
*Announced the resignation of Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*Signed (CB)Stoney Woodson/Eagles to Practice Squad

Arizona Cardinals :
*Signed (LB)Mark Washington/49ers to Practice Squad

San Francisco 49ers :
*Announced the Retirement of (LB)Jeff Ulbrich (Injured Reserve)

Buffalo Bills :
*Placed (OL)Demetrius Bell on Injured Reserve
*Activated (OL)Andre Ramsey from Practice Squad

Miami Dolphins :
*Placed (CB)Will Billingsley on Injured Reserve from Practice Squad
*Signed (OL)Nevin McCaskill/Jets to Practice Squad

Jacksonville Jaguars :
*Signed (DE)Chris Harrington off Arizona Cardinals Practice Squad
*Waived (CB)Kennard Cox