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Philadelphia Eagles :
*Re-Signed RFA (WR)Jason Avant to 5-Year Contract
*Acquired Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2010 6th Round Draft Pick in exchange for
(WR)Reggie Brown

Detroit Lions :
*Acquired (CB)Chris Houston & 2010 5th Round Draft Pick from Atlanta Falcons
in exchange for 2010 5th Round Draft Pick & 2010 6th Round Draft Pick
*Signed UFA (WR)Brian Clark/Buccaneers
*Signed UFA (CB)Jonathan Wade/Rams
*Released (DE)Dewayne White

Minnesota Vikings :
*Signed UFA (K)Rhys Lloyd/Panthers

Atlanta Falcons :
*Re-Signed UFA (LS)Joe Zelenka
*Acquired Detroit Lions 2010 5th Round Draft Pick & 2010 6th Round Draft Pick
in exchange for (CB)Chris Houston & Atlanta Falcons 2010 5th Round Draft Pick

Carolina Panthers :
*Signed UFA (WR)Wallace Wright/Jets
*Released (FB)Brad Hoover

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*Acquired (WR)Reggie Brown from Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for
2010 6th Round Draft Pick

St. Louis Rams :
*Signed UFA (DT)Fred Robbins/Giants to 3-Year Contract

Seattle Seahawks :
*Traded (QB)Seneca Wallace to Cleveland Browns

Buffalo Bills :
*Signed UFA (OL)Cornell Green/Raiders to 3-Year Contract

New York Jets :
*Re-Signed UFA (TE)Ben Hartsock to 2-Year Contract

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Re-Signed UFA (DT)Tank Johnson to 4-Year Contract

Cleveland Browns :
*Acquired (QB)Seneca Wallace from Seattle Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers :
*Re-Signed UFA (S)Ryan Clark to 4-Year Contract
*Signed UFA (S)Will Allen/Buccaneers to 3-Year Contract
*Signed UFA (WR)Antwaan Randle El/Redskins to 3-Year Contract
*Signed UFA (WR)Arnaz Battle/49ers to 3-Year Contract
*Signed UFA (OL)Jonathan Scott/Bills

Indianapolis Colts :
*Released (OL)Ryan Lilja

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Re-Signed UFA (WR)Chris Chambers to 3-Year Contract

Oakland Raiders :
*Released (WR)Javon Walker
*Released (DE)Greg Ellis

San Diego Chargers :
*Claimed (RB)Marcus Mason off waivers from Washington Redskins


– Colts (RB)Joseph Addai rushes for TD
– Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb passes to (WR)DeSean Jackson for TD

– Cardinals (QB)Kurt Warner passes to (WR)Larry Fitzgerald for TD
– Cardinals (QB)Kurt Warner passes to (WR)Early Doucet for TD
– Broncos (QB)Kyle Orton passes to (WR)Jabar Gaffney for TD
– Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb passes to (TE)Brent Celek for TD
– Eagles (K)David Akers kicks 45 Yd. FG

– Jets(D/ST) Jets (WR/KR)Brad Smith returns 106 Kickoff for TD
– Rams (QB)Keith Null passes to (WR)Brandon Gibson for TD
– Colts (RB)Donald Brown rushes for TD
– Cardinals (RB)Tim Hightower rushes for TD
– 49ers (QB)Alex Smith passes to (TE)Vernon Davis for TD
– 49ers (RB)Frank Gore rushes for TD
– Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb passes to (WR)Jason Avant for TD
– Jets(D/ST) Jets (DE)Marques Douglas fumble recovery in end zone for TD
– Broncos (QB)Kyle Orton passes to (WR)Jabar Gaffney for TD
– Broncos (QB)Kyle Orton passes to (RB)Knowshon Moreno for TD

– Jets (K)Jay Feely kicks 43 Yd. FG
– Cardinals (RB)Chris Wells rushes for TD
– Jets (RB)Thomas Jones rushes for TD
– Jets (QB)Mark Sanchez passes to (WR)Braylon Edwards for 2-Point Conversion
– Broncos (K)Matt Prater kicks 47 Yd. FG



– Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb passes to (TE)Brent Celek for TD (Eagles 7 – Giants 0)
– Eagles(D/ST) Eagles (CB)Sheldon Brown Fumble Recovery for 60 Yd. TD (Eagles 14 – Giants 0)
– Giants (K)Lawrence Tynes kicks 29 Yd. FG (Eagles 14 – Giants 3)

– Giants (QB)Eli Manning passes to (WR)Hakeem Nicks for TD (Eagles 14 – Giants 10)
– Eagles (K)David Akers kicks 40 Yd. FG (Eagles 17 – Giants 10)
– Eagles (WR/KR)DeSean Jackson 72 Yd. Punt Return for TD (Eagles 24 – Giants 10)
– Giants (RB)Ahmad Bradshaw rushes for TD (Eagles 24 – Giants 17)
– Eagles (QB)Michael Vick rushes for TD (Eagles 30 – Giants 17)

– Giants (RB)Brandon Jacobs rushes for TD (Eagles 30 – Giants 24)
– Giants (QB)Eli Manning passes to (WR)Domenik Hixon for TD (Giants 31 – Eagles 30)
– Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb passes to (WR)DeSean Jackson for TD (Eagles 37 – Giants 31)

– Eagles (FB)Leonard Weaver rushes for TD (Eagles 43 – Giants 31)
– Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb passes to (WR)Jason Avant for 2-Point Conversion (Eagles 45 – Giants 31)
– Giants (QB)Eli Manning passes to (TE)Kevin Boss for TD (Eagles 45 – Giants 38)



– Eagles (K)David Akers kicks 25 Yd. FG (Eagles 3 – Bears 0)
– Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb passes to (WR)Jason Avant for TD (Eagles 10 – Bears 0)

– Bears (K)Robbie Gould kicks 45 Yd. FG (Eagles 10 – Bears 3)
– Bears (RB)Kahlil Bell rushes for a 72 Yd. Run as his first ever NFL play. Not a score, but that doesn’t happen too often.
– Bears (K)Robbie Gould kicks 28 Yd. FG (Eagles 10 – Bears 6)
– Bears (K)Robbie Gould kicks 28 Yd. FG (Eagles 10 – Bears 9)

– Bears (K)Robbie Gould kicks 49 Yd. FG (Bears 12 – Eagles 10)
– Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb passes to (WR)DeSean Jackson for TD (Eagles 17 – Bears 12)
– Bears (QB)Jay Cutler passes to (TE)Kellen Davis for TD (Bears 18 – Eagles 17)
– Bears (QB)Jay Cutler passes to (RB)Matt Forte for 2 Point Conversion (Bears 20 – Eagles 17)

– Eagles (RB)LeSean McCoy rushes for TD (Eagles 24 – Bears 20)


From a Chicago Bears fan, I have some things to say about our football team…let me beat you to it, and say, yeah they suck this year. Let me tell you why….the trade for Jay Cutler is still the best thing the Bears have done in a very long time. He is the piece we need to build around. The FRANCHISE quarterback. His performance so far is not great by any means, but you can’t deny his positives. Our current receiving core isn’t going to cut it. If Cutler had more experienced and taller receivers, I think that would be a start. Our failed attempt to acquire Anquan Boldin gives us fans hope that Jerry Angelo still knows what he needs to do. The Cardinals will now gladly trade Anquan Boldin this off-season, and I think we need to do whatever it takes to get him. I still think we should have signed former Jaguars (WR)Matt Jones. He is still out there, and despite having some off the field issues, he has all the tools we need at the position. Next year if we had Anquan Boldin, Matt Jones (or another free agent signing), with Devin Hester or Johnny Knox in the slot with Greg Olsen at Tight End, this would fix our receiving core. Another huge problem is our terrible offensive line…we will be without 1st, 2nd, and 4th round picks in the 2010 draft, so we need to do our research and get ourselves some offensive lineman, and some help for our secondary. Free Agency might also help both of these positions a bit. As far as our running game is concerned, I think it all starts with our offensive line. They aren’t giving Matt Forte the holes he needs. Some of the blame has to go to Forte himself as well. He seems too antsy, and just needs to have a good off-season of strengthening and conditioning. I’m not totally opposed to adding another running back through the draft or free agency though. Kevin Jones is not the answer as our back up. He is just too injury prone, and I wouldn’t mind adding a bruising type back. Our defense is getting older, and I think the acquisition of (DE)Gaines Adams from the Buccaneers will help. I’m not too concerned with our defensive line or linebackers. They just need to stay healthy, and we need to make sure we have adequate depth in case of injury.

There has been some talk of letting Head Coach Lovie Smith go after the season. I have mixed emotions on this….I think Lovie is a players coach, and I doubt there is a single player in that locker room that holds any ill will towards Lovie Smith. He lead us to a Super Bowl in 2007, and that should tell you right there that he is capable of being our head coach. I feel that Lovie needs to fire himself up a bit more, and drop the reserved approach. He should still treat his players as men, but needs to take a tougher approach to it. I read somewhere that former Denver Broncos head coach, Mike Shanahan would be a perfect fit. I don’t disagree with that at all, because he is from the Chicago area, was the head coach of Jay Cutler since he entered the league in 2006, and has lead the Denver Broncos to multiple Super Bowl championships. It is no guarantee he would take the job here anyway, but you can see why it would be attractive to the Bears, as well as Shanahan himself. It surely is an interesting scenario. I just don’t think Lovie is to blame for all of our problems. We need to fire Ron Turner in the offseason….that is one thing I am very sure of. We need to start from scratch and implement a new offensive scheme with a new offensive coordinator, who will build our offense around Jay Cutler’s abilities. As far as free agents in 2010, I will list a few players that would help us in getting this thing turned around. Remember that we don’t have many choices in the 2010 draft, so we need to bring in fresh faces through free agency or trades. Bringing in the right group of talent could get this thing turned around. It seems like any offensive player who comes to Chicago from another team, never does as well as his previous stint with the old team. The players that leave the Bears to go to different teams seem to do so much better with their new team, than with their stint with the Bears…just look at (RB)Cedric Benson – Bengals, (RB)Thomas Jones – Jets, (WR)Bernard Berrian – Vikings, (QB)Kyle Orton – Broncos, (DT)Tank Johnson – Cowboys & Bengals….it’s too much to be coincidence. Our upper management needs to make sure we work extra hard in the off-season, to not only evaluate players, but evaluate how their independent skills will mesh with the next guy.

2010 Free Agent Wide Receivers of Interest :
– Eagles (WR)Jason Avant
– Bills (WR)Terrell Owens
– Ravens (WR)Mark Clayton
– Bengals (WR)Chris Henry
– Broncos (WR)Brandon Marshall (looks like he will get an extension in Denver though)
– Giants (WR)Sinorice Moss

2010 Free Agent Cornerbacks of Interest :
– Cowboys (CB)Terence Newman
– Colts (CB)Marlin Jackson
– Eagles (CB)Ellis Hobbs
– Packers (CB)Will Blackmon
– Panthers (CB)Richard Marshall
– Steelers (CB)Deshea Townsend
– Steelers (CB)William Gay (RFA)
– Falcons (CB)Brent Grimes (RFA)

2010 Free Agent Safeties of Interest :
– Colts (S)Antoine Bethea
– Packers (S)Atari Bigby
– Steelers (S)Ryan Clark
– Eagles (S)Sean Jones
– Jets (S)Eric Smith
– Saints (S)Usama Young (RFA)