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Philadelphia Eagles :
*Signed 2nd Round Draft Pick/#37 (S)Nate Allen

Green Bay Packers :
*Re-Signed RFA (S)Atari Bigby

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*Signed 2nd Round Draft Pick/#39 (WR)Arrelious Benn

Arizona Cardinals :
*Signed 4th Round Draft Pick/#130 (LB)O’Brien Schofield

Miami Dolphins :
*Re-Signed (K)Dan Carpenter to 3-Year Contract Extension

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Signed UFA (WR)Terrell Owens/Bills
*Signed 3rd Round Draft Pick/#84 (WR)Jordan Shipley
*Signed 4th Round Draft Pick/#131 (LB)Roddrick Muckelroy

Denver Broncos :
*Signed 2nd Round Draft Pick/#45 (OL)Zane Beadles
*Waived (LB)Bruce Davis

Oakland Raiders :
*Signed 2nd Round Draft Pick/#44 (DE)LaMarr Houston

Seattle Seahawks :
*Signed 6th Round Draft Pick/#185 (TE)Anthony McCoy
*Claimed (WR)Isaiah Stanback off waivers from Patriots

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Signed FA (OL)Isaac Sowells/Browns

Denver Broncos :
*Claimed (LB)Bruce Davis off waivers from Patriots

New York Giants :
*Claimed (OL)Herb Taylor off waiver from Denver Broncos

Washington Redskins :
*Hired Jim Haslett/Rams Head Coach as Defensive Coordinator
*Hired Bobby Turner/Broncos Running Backs Coach as Associate Head Coach/Running Backs Coach
*Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache announced retirement

New Orleans Saints :
*Signed (OL)Na’Shan Goddard/Seahawks to Practice Squad
*Signed (CB)Glenn Sharpe/Falcons to Practice Squad
*Released (CB)Darrick Brown from Practice Squad

Arizona Cardinals :
*Waived (DE)Jason Banks from Injured Reserve

St. Louis Rams :
*Re-Signed (TE)Eric Butler to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Dominic Douglas to F.C.

New England Patriots :
*(LB)Junior Seau un-officially announced retirement
*Re-Signed (QB)Jeff Rowe to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Darnell Jenkins to F.C.
*Re-Signed (TE)Robbie Agnone to F.C.
*Re-Signed (TE)Robert Myers to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Bruce Davis to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Darryl Richard to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Adrian Grady to F.C.

Tennessee Titans :
*Claimed (LB)Pago Togafau off waivers from Arizona Cardinals
*Signed (OL)Nevin McCaskill/Dolphins to F.C.
*Signed (LB)Jay Moore/Rams to F.C.
*Signed (DE)Marcus Howard/Colts to F.C.

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Hired Romeo Crennel/former Browns Head Coach as Defensive Coordinator

Dallas Cowboys :
*Released (RB)Keon Lattimore from Injured Reserve

Chicago Bears :
*Re-Signed (OL)Johan Asiata to Practice Squad
*Released (CB)Woodny Turenne from Practice Squad

Detroit Lions :
*Signed (WR)Logan Payne/Seahawks to Practice Squad

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*Signed (DE)Maurice Evans/Panthers

St. Louis Rams :
*Signed (LB)Lamar Myles/Jaguars to Practice Squad
*Signed (DT)Adrian Grady/Patriots to Practice Squad

San Francisco 49ers :
*Signed 1st Round Draft Pick (WR)Michael Crabtree
*Signed (DE)Martail Burnett/Vikings to Practice Squad

Seattle Seahawks :
*Re-Signed (OL)Kyle Williams to Practice Squad

Miami Dolphins :
*Signed (DT)Derrick Jones/Bills to Practice Squad
*Released (LB)K.C. Asiodu from Practice Squad

New England Patriots :
*Signed (LB)Bruce Davis/Steelers to Practice Squad

New York Jets :
*Aquired (WR)Braylon Edwards in a trade with Cleveland Browns in exchange for (WR)Chansi Stuckey, (LB)Jason Trusnik, 2010 Conditional 3rd Round Draft Pick, & 2010 5th Round Draft Pick

Cleveland Browns :
*Aquired (WR)Chansi Stuckey, (LB)Jason Trusnik, 2010 Conditional 3rd Round Draft Pick, & 2010 5th Round Draft Pick in a trade with New York Jets for (WR)Braylon Edwards
*Waived (OL)Phil Trautwein

Pittsburgh Steelers :
*Re-Signed (RB)Isaac Redman to Practice Squad

Houston Texans :
*Re-Signed (LB)Buster Davis to Practice Squad

Indianapolis Colts :
*Signed (CB)Terrail Lambert/49ers to Practice Squad
*Released (WR)Sam Giguere from Practice Squad

Oakland Raiders :
*Re-Signed (RB)Gary Russell