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Philadelphia Eagles :
*Re-Signed RFA (LB)Omar Gaither

St. Louis Rams :
*Re-Signed ERFA (CB)Quincy Butler

Buffalo Bills :
*Signed FA (WR)Chad Jackson/Broncos
*Re-Signed RFA (CB)Ashton Youboty

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Re-Signed RFA (DE)Frostee Rucker

Houston Texans :
*Waived (LB)Toddrick Verdell

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Re-Signed EFRA (OL)Barry Richardson
*Re-Signed ERFA (CB)Maurice Leggett

Washington Redskins :
*Activated (P)Glenn Pakulak from Practice Squad
*Released (DE)Renaldo Wynn

Chicago Bears :
*Released (TE)Michael Gaines

Minnesota Vikings :
*Re-Signed (QB)John David Booty to Practice Squad
*Released (OL)Clint Oldenburg

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*Activated (CB)Derrick Roberson from Practice Squad

New York Jets :
*Activated (WR/RB)Danny Woodhead from Practice Squad
*Released (DT)Howard Green

Tennessee Titans :
*Re-Signed (WR)Dominique Edison to Practice Squad
*Released (WR)Phillip Morris from Practice Squad

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Activated (OL)Barry Richardson from Practice Squad
*Waived (LB)Justin Rogers