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I’m hoping the “top ten” list this past week didn’t confuse anyone, so I wanted to take the time to introduce the two writers for this blog.

The two writers for this site are myself (Adam) and Dale. We started this site to bring comprehensive sports updates to, well, anyone who cared. Dale is the main writer for this site, he does everything football (as you can see) and does an awesome job doing so. Dale will bring you every transaction, everyday, on every NFL team.

I have been working solely on (our main website), and will handle all the MLB transactions and scores.

So there ya go, we’ll both continue to provide you with great content, I hope you all continue reading..and send your comments on how we can improve.

“The Below Post”

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Just so people don’t get confused. I put alot of hard work and time into this football blog.  Every once in a while you may see a post that doesn’t have anything to do with what is going on in the sport of football, at the momet. His name is Adam and basically put this blog together so we can share our thoughts and ideas on the sports world at the time. So take the time to check out his posts. Once again,  I have not once promoted this blog to any other website or by word of mouth. It has only been found through search engines. Please continue to use the information I gather for you, for your own personal enjoyment or help. Spread the word, because all the hard work that I put into this blog on a daily basis will pay off eventually,  and I’d like you the reader to feel like you were a part of it’s growth. Continue to enjoy my off-season lists, and daily transactions. Much more will come throughout the summer.

Wow, what a title. Well, we’re counting down the best venues from all sports. Our list was very difficult to make, because in their own right, all stadiums are influential to someone. Without further delay, here it is:

10.   St. Andrew’s Golf Links- Scotland, U.K.

9. Wimbleton- London, U.K.

8.  Wembley Stadium- London, U.K.

7.  The Bird’s Nest – China

6.  Old Yankee Stadium- Bronx, NY USA

5.  Lambeau Field – Green Bay, WI USA

So there’s our bottom 5 of the top ten.  If you feel we’re leaving something out, or would like to see more about our list, go to and tell us about it!


– Indianapolis Colts : 14-0
– San Diego Chargers : 11-3
– Cincinnati Bengals : 9-5
– New England Patriots : 9-5

– Denver Broncos : 8-6
– Baltimore Ravens : 8-6

– Miami Dolphins : 7-7
– New York Jets : 7-7
– Jacksonville Jaguars : 7-7
– Tennessee Titans : 7-7
– Houston Texans : 7-7
– Pittsburgh Steelers : 7-7


– New Orleans Saints : 13-1
– Minnesota Vikings : 11-3
– Philadelphia Eagles : 10-4
– Arizona Cardinals : 9-5

– Green Bay Packers : 9-5
– Dallas Cowboys : 9-5

– New York Giants : 8-6
– Atlanta Falcons : 7-7
– San Francisco 49ers : 6-8

Dallas Cowboys :
*Re-Signed (CB)Cletis Gordon
*Waived (CB)Allen Rossum

Washington Redskins :
*Placed (RB)Ladell Betts on Injured Reserve
*Placed (FB)Eddie Williams on Injured Reserve
*Placed (OL)Chad Rinehart on Injured Reserve
*Re-Signed (RB)Marcus Mason
*Signed (OL)Paul Fanaika from Philadelphia Eagles Practice Squad

Green Bay Packers :
*Signed (CB)Josh Bell/Broncos

Atlanta Falcons :
*Placed (OL)Rob Bruggeman on Injured Reserve from Practice Squad
*Signed (OL)Blake Schlueter/Seahawks to Practice Squad

New Orleans Saints :
*Re-Signed (CB)Mike McKenzie
*Placed (CB)Leigh Torrence on Injured Reserve

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*Signed (QB)Rudy Carpenter from Dallas Cowboys Practice Squad
*Signed (WR)Terrence Nunn from New England Patriots Practice Squad

Miami Dolphins :
*Placed (DT)Jason Ferguson on Injured Reserve

New England Patriots :
*Re-Signed (LB)Eric Alexander to a Contract Extension

Jacksonville Jaguars :
*Placed (DE)Bryan Smith on Injured Reserve
*Activated (DE)Jeremy Navarre from Practice Squad
*Released (OL)Cameron Stephenson from Practice Squad

I’m a huge fan of baseball, but this World Series was nothing short of uninteresting. Forgive me if I don’t celebrate for the Yankees store bought World Series. My thoughts are this…the yankees haven’t won in the better part of a decade, and people say, “finally!” Finally? FINALLY? Come to Chicago and say that to a Cub fan, and you’ll get socked in the mouth.

Baseball needs to do a few things in order for all teams to be competitive but most of all baseball needs a HARD salary cap, no more of this soft salary cap nonsense. The MLB is becomming more and more like the NCAA, where the bigger markets are getting all the players while the smaller markets suffer within the same league.

Something has to change, this is getting boring.

– Cleveland Browns (1-6) vs. Chicago Bears (3-3)

– St. Louis Rams (1-7) vs. Detroit Lions (1-5)

– San Francisco 49ers (3-3) vs. Indianapolis Colts (6-0)

– Seattle Seahawks (2-4) vs. Dallas Cowboys (4-2)

– Denver Broncos (6-0) vs. Baltimore Ravens (3-3)

– Miami Dolphins (2-4) vs. New York Jets (4-3)

– Houston Texans (4-3) vs. Buffalo Bills (3-4)

– Minnesota Vikings (6-1) vs. Green Bay Packers (4-2)

– Carolina Panthers (2-4) vs. Arizona Cardinals (4-2)

– New York Giants (5-2) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (4-2)

– Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) vs. Tennessee Titans (0-6)

– Oakland Raiders (2-5) vs. San Diego Chargers (3-3)

– Atlanta Falcons (4-2) vs. New Orleans Saints (6-0)

Bye Weeks : Kansas City Chiefs (1-6), New England Patriots (5-2), Cincinnati Bengals (5-2), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7), Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2), Washington Redskins (2-5)