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*Signed (CB)Bryan McCann/Texans to Practice Squad

*Activated (TE)Bear Pascoe from Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (OL)Dennis Landolt to Practice Squad
*Waived (LB)Bryan Kehl
*Waived (DE)Alex Hall off Injured Reserve

*Signed UFA (FB)Owen Schmitt/Seahawks
*Signed (TE)Garrett Mills off Vikings Practice Squad
*Placed (FB)Leonard Weaver on Injured Reserve
*Placed (OL)Jamaal Jackson on Injured Reserve
*Re-Signed (OL)Fenuki Tupou to Practice Squad


*Placed (LB)Hunter Hillenmeyer on Injured Reserve
*Signed UFA (LB)Rod Wilson/Jaguars
*Signed (LB)Marcus Buggs/Bills to Practice Squad
*Released (WR)Greg Mathews from Practice Squad

*Signed UFA (CB)Nathan Vasher/Chargers
*Placed (CB)Aaron Berry on Injured Reserve

*Signed (RB)Dimitri Nance off Falcons Practice Squad
*Re-Signed UFA (DE)Jarius Wynn
*Placed (DE)Justin Harrell on Injured Reserve
*Signed (CB)Josh Gordy/Jaguars to Practice Squad
*Released (LB)Robert Francois from Practice Squad


*Activated (DT)Jonathan Babineaux from Reserve/Suspended List
*Waived (OL)Rob Bruggerman
*Re-Signed (OL)Rob Briggerman to Practice Squad

*Signed UFA (K)Rhys Lloyd/Vikings
*Re-Signed UFA (CB)C.J. Wilson
*Placed (WR)Charly Martin on Injured Reserve
*Waived/Injured (K)Todd Carter
*Waived (OL)C.J. Davis off Injured Reserve
*Waived (S)Aaron Francisco off Injured Reserve

*Re-Signed UFA (CB)Leigh Torrence
*Waived (LB)K.C. Asiodu
*Re-Signed (QB)Sean Canfield to Practice Squad
*Signed (OL)Jacob Bender/Giants to Practice Squad
*Signed (FB)Jed Collins/Titans to Practice Squad
*Released (FB)Matt Clapp from Practice Squad
*Released (FB)Jed Collins from Practice Squad
*Released (OL)Brandon Carter from Practice Squad

*Activated (CB)Aqib Talib from Reserve/Suspended List
*Waived (DE)Erik Lorig
*Signed (OL)Brandon Carter/Saints to Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (DE)Erik Lorig to Practice Squad
*Released (LB)Lee Robinson from Practice Squad
*Released (P)Brent Bowden from Practice Squad

*Re-Signed UFA (FB)Reagan Mauia
*Waived (FB)Jerome Johnson

*Claimed (LB)Bryan Kehl off waivers from Giants
*Placed (LB)Josh Hull on Injured Reserve
*Released (S)Kevin Payne off Injured Reserve
*Released (OL)Eric Young off Injured Reserve
*Activated (CB)Marquis Johnson from Practce Sqiad
*Re-Signed UFA (TE)Darcy Johnson
*Waived (QB)Thad Lewis
*Waived (DE)Jermaille Cudjo
*Signed (FB)Brit Miller/49ers to Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (RB)Jamie McCoy to Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (DT)Jermaille Cudjo to Practice Squad
*Released (LB)Mortty Ivy from Practice Squad
*Released (RB)Allen Patrick from Practice Squad
*Released (WR)Brandon McRae from Practice Squad

*Re-Signed (WR)Jason Hill
*Waived (CB)Tramaine Brock
*Re-Signed (CB)Tramaine Brock to Practice Squad
*Released (LB)Bruce Davis from Practice Squad

*Re-Signed (OL)Mansfield Wrotto
*Activated (LB)LeRoy Hill from Reserve/Suspended List
*Placed (OL)Max Unger on Injured Reserve
*Released (CB)Kennard Cox
*Re-Signed (CB)Kennard Cox to Practice Squad
*Signed (OL)Brian De La Puente/49ers to Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (CB)Cord Parks to Practice Squad
*Released (CB)Ross Weaver from Practice Squad
*Released (LB)Joe Pawekek from Practice Squad

*Waived (TE)DajLeon Farr off Practice Squad Injured Reserve
*Signed (TE)Rob Myers/Patriots to Practice Squad

*Signed (DE)Lionel Dotson off Broncos Practice Squad
*Re-Signed UFA (LB)Erik Walden
*Activated (DE)Ryan Baker from Practice Squad
*Waived (LB)Micah Johnson
*Waived (DE)Rob Rose
*Waived (DE)Clifton Geathers
*Signed (TE)Dedrick Epps/Chargers to Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (DE)Clifton Geathers to Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (LB)Micah Johnson to Practice Squad
*Released (OL)Andrew Hartline from Practice Squad
*Released (TE)Nathan Overbay from Practice Squad
*Released (DE)Clifton Geathers from Practice Squad

*Acquired 2011 4th Round Draft Pick from Broncos in exchange for (RB)Laurence Maroney & 2011 6th Round Draft Pick
*Signed UFA (RB/WR)Danny Woodhead/Jets
*Activated (OL)Quinn Ojinakka from Reserve/Suspended List
*Activated (RB)Jarvarris James/Colts from Practice Squad
*Waived (LB)Marques Murrell

*Re-Signed UFA (WR)David Clowney
*Re-Signed UFA (DT)Howard Green
*Waived (RB/WR)Danny Woodhead
*Placed (DT)Kris Jenkins on Injured Reserve
*Placed (QB)Kevin O’Connell on Injured Reserve

*Signed (CB)Prince Miller off Patriots Practice Squad
*Waived (CB)Bryan McCann
*Waived (FB)Mike McLaughlin off Injured Reserve
*Waived (OL)Stefan Rodgers off Injured Reserve
*Waived (OL)David Hale off Injured Reserve
*Re-Signed (QB)Hunter Cantwell to Practice Squad
*Released (OL)Andrew Gardner from Practice Squad


*Signed (RB)Thomas Clayton/Patriots to Practice Squad
*Signed (CB)DeAndre Wright/Vikings to Practice Squad
*Released (RB)Andre Anderson from Practice Squad
*Released (S)DeAngelo Smtih from Practice Squad

*Released (QB)Bryon Leftwich
*Activated (DT)Steve McClendon from Practice Squad

*Signed UFA (DE)Adewale Ugunleye/Bears
*Signed UFA (DE)Ryan Denney/Bills
*Placed (DE)Conner Barwin on Injured Reserve
*Waived (DE)Tim Jamison

*Signed UFA (S)DaJuan Morgan/Chiefs
*Waived (CB)Marcus McCauley off Injured Reserve
*Waived (OL)Joe Reitz
*Re-Siged (OL)Joe Reoa
*Released (OL)Xavier Fulton from Practice Squad

*Re-Signed UFA (TE)Ernest Wilford
*Activated (LB)Alvin Bowen from Practice Squad
*Waived (WR)John Mathews
*Waived (LB)Jacob Cutera
*Re-Signed (WR)John Mathews to Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (WR)Clarence Denmark to Practice Squad

*Signed (FB)Jack Corcran/Texans to Practice Squa
*Released (TE)Carson Butler from Practice Squad
*Released (LB)Mike Rivera off Injured Resereve

*Acquired (RB)Laurence Maroney & 2011 6th Round Draft Pick from Patriots in exchange for 2011 4th Round Draft Pick
*Released (WR)Brandon Stokley off Injured Reserve
*Waived (RB)Andre Brown
*Signed (LB)Titus Brown/Browns to Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (RB)Andre Brown to Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (DT)Jeff Stehle to Practice Squad
*Released (RB)Bruce Hall from Practoce Squad
*Released (LB)Worrell Williams from Practice Squad

*Signed UFA (LB)Charlie Anderson/Dolphins
*Re-Signed (LB)Andy Studebaker to “Unknown” Contract Extension
*Placed (LB)Camerron Sheffield on Injured Reserve

*Re-Signed UFA (OL)Erik Pears
*Activated (S)Stevie Brown from Practice Squad
*Waived (WR)Yamon Figurs
*Waived (DE)Alex Daniels off Injured Reserve
*Waived (DE)Jay Richardson off Injured Reserve

*Signed UFA (LS)Ryan Neill/Giants
*Signed UFA (LS)James Dearth/Redskins
*Placed (LS)James Dearth on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LS)David Binn on Injured Reserve

Each week I will update the list of players who are on each teams practice squads. In case you don’t know about how these practice squads are relevant, i’ll fill you in really quick. Each team gets to have 8 players that have 1-4 years of NFL experience, and minimal game play. Any team can sign a player off any practice squad at any time, but the catch is that if they sign a player off another team’s practice squad, they must be signed to that team’s 53-man roster. You cannot sign a player from another team’s practice squad to put on your team’s practice squad. These squads change quite often during the season, and are usually a great place for other teams to find good young talent for their respective teams. In this list, when you see a team name after a player (example : (TE)Scott Chandler//Giants), that means he previously played for the Giants before being signed to the 2010 Practice Squad. Most of these players where players waived at final cut downs.

(+ = Player Selected in 2010 NFL Draft), (++ = Undrafted Free Agent / UDFA)

– (RB)Lonyae Miller ++
– (WR)Manuel Johnson
– (TE)Martin Rucker
– (TE)Alex Daniels ++
– (OL)Robert Brewster
– (OL)Travis Bright
– (CB)Bryan McCann//Texans ++
– (CB)Teddy Williams ++

– (QB)Rhett Bomar
– (RB)Charles Scott//Cardinals +
– (WR)Sam Giguere//Colts
– (TE)Jake Ballard ++
– (OL)Jim Cordle ++
– (DT)Nate Collins ++
– (CB)Brandon Hughes//Chargers
– (CB)Michael Coe//Jaguars

– (WR)Jeremy Williams//Chargers ++
– (WR)Rod Harper//Saints
– (OL)A.Q. Shipley
– (OL)Fenuki Tupou
– (OL)Dallas Reynolds
– (DE)Pannel Egboh
– (CB)Jamar Wall//Texans +

– (RB)Quinn Porter//Packers ++
– (WR)Terrence Austin +
– (WR)Ray Small//Vikings ++
– (OL)Selvish Capers +
– (OL)Erik Cook +
– (OL)William Robinson
– (DE)Rob Jackson
– (S)Anderson Russell ++

– (FB)Eddie Williams
– (WR)Juaquin Iglesias
– (WR)Greg Matthews ++
– (OL)Johan Asiata
– (OL)James Marten
– (OL)Levi Horn ++
– (LB)Marcus Buggs//Bills

– (WR)Alric Arnett//Colts ++
– (WR)Michael Moore ++
– (TE)J.J. Finley//49ers
– (OL)Dan Gerberry
– (LB)Caleb Campbell
– (DT)Robert Callaway ++
– (S)Randy Phillips ++

– (QB)Graham Harrell
– (RB)James Johnson//Bengals
– (WR)Chastin West ++
– (OL)Chris Campbell ++
– (LB)Mike Rivera//Titans
– (DT)Jay Ross//Saints ++
– (CB)Josh Gordy//Jaguars ++
– (S)Anthony Levine ++
– (S)Michael Greco//Giants

– (FB)Ryan D’Imperio +
– (WR)Freddie Brown
– (OL)Andrew Gardner//Ravens
– (OL)Seth Olsen//Broncos
– (OL)Thomas Welch +
– (DT)Tremaine Johnson
– (CB)Marcus Sherels ++
– (S)Colt Anderson

– (WR)Andy Strickland
– (WR)Tim Buckley ++
– (TE)Robbie Agnone
– (OL)Jose Valdez
– (OL)Rob Bruggerman
– (LB)Robert James
– (DE)Emmanuel Stephens ++
– (S)Rafael Bush ++

– (FB)Rashawn Jackson ++
– (WR)Trent Guy ++
– (OL)Shawn Murphy//Eagles
– (OL)Dan Santucci//Chiefs
– (OL)Adrian Martinez//Seahawks ++
– (LB)Sean Ware ++
– (DT)Corvey Irvin
– (CB)R.J. Sanford +

– (RB)Chris Taylor//Patriots
– (FB)Jed Collins
– (WR)Adrian Arrington
– (OL)Brian De La Puente//Seahawks
– (OL)Roger Allen//Rams
– (DT)DeMario Pressley
– (CB)Mark Parson//Texans
– (CB)Reggie Jones

– (WR)Dezmon Briscoe//Bengals +
– (TE)Ryan Purvis
– (OL)Will Barker//Cowboys ++
– (OL)Brandon Carter//Saints ++
– (OL)Derek Hardman ++
– (LB)Mike Balogun//Redskins ++
– (DE)George Johnson ++
– (CB)Vince Anderson

– (WR)Edward Gant
– (WR)Isaiah Williams
– (OL)Herman Johnson
– (OL)Tom Pestock
– (LB)Pago Togafau
– (LB)Curtis Gatewood
– (CB)A.J. Jefferson ++
– (CB)Marshay Green ++

– (QB)Thad Lewis ++
– (WR)Brandon McRae ++
– (OL)Drew Miller
– (OL)Ryan McKee
– (LB)Curtis Johnson//Cowboys
– (LB)Mortty Ivy//Panthers
– (DT)Jimmy Saddler-McQueen//Cowboys ++
– (CB)Terrail Lambert//Colts

– (QB)Nate Davis +
– (FB)Jehuu Caulcrick
– (WR)Kevin Jurovich ++
– (TE)Colin Cloherty//Colts
– (OL)Matt Kopa ++
– (LB)Eric Bakhtiari//Titans
– (DT)Will Tukufau ++
– (CB)Tramaine Brock ++

– (QB)Zac Robinson//Patriots +
– (RB)Chris Henry
– (OL)Lemuel Jeanpierre//Chiefs ++
– (LB)Slade Norris//Raiders
– (LB)Joe Pawelek ++
– (LB)Chris McCoy//Dolphins ++
– (CB)Marcus Brown ++

– (FB)Rodney Ferguson
– (WR)Naaman Roosevelt ++
– (WR)Paul Hubbard//Raiders
– (OL)Chad Rinehart//Jets
– (OL)Jason Watkins
– (LB)Thomas Williams//Patriots
– (LB)John Russell//Chiefs ++
– (CB)Dominque Harris ++

– (WR)Brooks Foster//Jets
– (WR)Julius Pruitt
– (TE)Dedrick Epps//Chargers +
– (OL)Andrew Hartline
– (LB)Micah Johnson ++
– (DE)Clifton Geathers +
– (DT)Chris Baker//Broncos
– (CB)Jonathan Amaya ++

– (WR)Darnell Jenkins
– (TE)Carson Butler//Titans
– (OL)Thomas Welch//Vikings +
– (OL)Steve Maneri ++
– (LB)Tyrone McKenzie
– (CB)Tony Carter//Broncos
– (S)Sergio Brown ++
– (S)Ross Ventrone ++

– (WR)Patrick Turner
– (WR)Logan Payne//Vikings
– (OL)Cody Wallace//Lions
– (OL)Robbie Felix
– (LB)Cody Brown//Cardinals
– (LB)Josh Mauga
– (DT)Jarron Gilbert//Bears
– (DT)Martin Tevaseu ++

– (RB)Curtis Steele ++
– (WR)Justin Harper
– (TE)Davon Drew
– (OL)Bryan Mattison
– (OL)Brady Bond//Chargers ++
– (DE)Albert McClellan ++
– (CB)Prince Miller ++
– (CB)David Pender//Eagles ++

– (FB)Joe Tronzo ++
– (WR)Shay Hodge//Redskins ++
– (TE)Chase Coffman
– (OL)Otis Hudson +
– (LB)Vincent Rey ++
– (DT)Clinton McDonald
– (S)Rico Murray
– (S)Jeromy Miles ++

– (RB)Martell Mallett//Eagles ++
– (WR)Jordan Norwood//Eagles
– (OL)Paul Fanaika
– (OL)Pat Murray
– (DE)Brian Sanford ++
– (DT)Travis Ivey ++
– (S)Larry Asante +
– (S)DeAngelo Smith

– (FB)Frank Summers
– (WR)Tyler Grisham
– (TE)Eugene Bright
– (OL)Dorian Brooks ++
– (OL)Kyle Jolly ++
– (DE)Al Woods//Saints +
– (DT)Steve McLendon
– (S)Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith ++

– (RB)Chris Ogbonnaya//Rams
– (WR)Paul Williams//Titans
– (WR)Derrick Townsel ++
– (OL)Shelley Smith +
– (OL)Cole Pemberton ++
– (OL)Brett Helms
– (DT)Malcolm Sheppard ++
– (S)Torri Williams ++

– (RB)Josh Vaughan//Panthers
– (WR)Brandon James ++
– (WR)Chris Brooks//Buccaneers ++
– (OL)Joe Reitz
– (DE)John Chick
– (DT)Mitch King
– (CB)Cornelius Brown//Bears ++

– (WR)Lance Long//Chiefs
– (WR)John Matthews
– (TE)Mike Caussin ++
– (OL)Daniel Baldridge ++
– (OL)Bradley Vierling ++
– (LB)Alvin Bowen
– (CB)John Destin//Bills ++
– (S)Michael Hamlin//Cowboys

– (RB)Herb Donaldson//Cowboys
– (WR)Dominique Edison
– (TE)Joel Gamble//Browns
– (OL)Kevin Matthews ++
– (LB)Patrick Trahan ++
– (DE)Hall Davis//Redskins +
– (CB)Pete Ittersagen
– (S)Myron Rolle +

– (RB)Lance Ball
– (WR)Britt Davis
– (TE)Riar Geer ++
– (OL)Jeff Byers//Seahawks ++
– (LB)Lee Robinson ++
– (DT)Jeff Stehle ++

– (QB)Tyler Palko
– (WR)Quentin Lawrence
– (WR)Verran Tucker ++
– (OL)Bobby Greenwood
– (OL)Darryl Harris
– (LB)Pierre Walters
– (DT)Dion Gales
– (S)Ricky Price

– (FB)Manase Tonga ++
– (WR)Shaun Bodiford
– (TE)Kevin Brock//Cowboys
– (OL)Alex Parsons ++
– (LB)Alex Joseph ++
– (DT)Kellen Heard ++
– (CB)Joe Porter
– (S)Quentin Scott//Bears ++

– (RB)Curtis Brinkley ++
– (WR)Seyi Ajirotutu ++
– (WR)Kole Heckendorf//Seahawks
– (TE)Kory Sperry//Broncos
– (OL)Nick Richmond ++
– (LB)Nathan Triplett//Vikings +
– (CB)Traye Simmons ++

Now that the dust has settled from all of the roster shuffling, teams are in the process of evaluating their 53 man rosters and 8 man practice squads. Coaches from all 32 teams should have a feel for how each position on their respective teams is looking going into the 2010-2011 season. There are still some decent options on the unrestricted free agent market (UFA), and plenty of these players will be able to fill in holes that still need to be addressed due to injury or under performance throughout the season. The following is a list of who is still out there following final roster cuts, as of September 9, 2010.
(PS = Practice Squad), (UFL = United Football League)

* Trent Edwards – Bills (Claimed by Jaguars)
* Colt Brennan – Raiders
* JaMarcus Russell – Raiders
* Josh McCown – Panthers (Signed w/ UFL)
* Daunte Culpepper – Lions (Signed w/ UFL)
* Brian St. Pierre – Cardinals
* J.P. Losman – Seahawks
* Chris Simms – Titans
* Pat White – Dolphins
* Keith Null – Jaguars (Re-Signed to PS)
* Patrick Ramsey – Saints
* John David Booty – Texans
* D.J. Shockley – Falcons (Signed w/ UFL)
* Kevin O’Connell – Jets (Re-Signed)
* Levi Brown – Bills (Re-Signed)
* Sean Canfield – Saints
* Brett Basanez – Bears
* Jonathan Crompton – Chargers
* Tom Brandstater – Colts
* Jevan Snead – Buccaneers
* Jarrett Brown – 49ers
* Jeff Rowe – Patriots
* Hunter Cantwell – Ravens (Re-Signed to PS)
* Matt Gutierrez – Bears
* Richard Bartel – Redskins
* Mike Teel – Bears
* Drew Willy – Colts
* Chris Pizzotti- Packers
* Mike Reilly – Seahawks
* Larry Johnson – Redskins
* Julius Jones – Seahawks (Signed w/ Saints)
* Willie Parker – Redskins
* Clifton Smith – Dolphins
* Justin Fargas – Broncos
* Jamal Lewis – Browns
* Quinton Ganther – Seahawks
* J.J. Arrington – Eagles
* LaMont Jordan – Broncos
* Ladell Betts – Saints (Re-Signed)
* Ahman Green – Packers (Signed w/ UFL)
* Chris Brown – Texans
* Louis Rankin – Seahawks
* Kevin Jones – Bears
* Gary Russell – Raiders
* Alvin Pearman – Titans
* Marcus Mason – Chargers
* Chris Henry – Seahawks (Re-Signed to PS)
* DeShawn Wynn – Saints
* Javarris Williams – Seahawks
* DeDe Dorsey – Lions
* Ryan Moats – Vikings
* Kolby Smith – Jaguars
* Chauncey Washington – Jets (Signed w/ Rams)
* Samkon Gado – Titans
* Adrian Peterson – Seahawks
* Bruce Hall – Broncos
* Anthony Alridge – Redskins
* Chris Jennings – Browns
* Gartrell Johnson – Giants (Signed w/ Falcons)
* Tristan Davis – Dolphins
* Curtis Brinkley – Chargers (Re-Signed to PS)
* Thomas Brown – Browns
* Chad Simpson – Bills (Signed w/ Redskins)
* Dantrell Savage – Panthers
* Javarris James – Patriots (Signed w/ Redskins PS)
* Ian Johnson – Cardinals
* Martell Mallett – Eagles (Signed w/ Browns PS)
* Justin Vincent – Steelers
* Josh Vaughan – Panthers
* Walter Mendenhall – Bengals
* James Johnson – Bengals (Signed w/ Packers PS)
* Allen Patrick – Rams
* Chris Taylor – Patriots (Signed w/ Saints PS)
* Xavier Omon – Jets
* Carlos Brown – Buccaneers
* Kestahn Moore – Chiefs
* Justise Hairston – Bills
* Verron Haynes – Falcons
* Deon Anderson – Cowboys
* Brad Hoover – Panthers
* Owen Schmitt – Seahawks (Signed w/ Eagles)
* Dan Kreider – Cardinals
* Luke Lawton – Raiders
* Jason McKie – Saints
* Justin Griffith – Texans
* Dwayne Wright – Steelers
* Dan Klecko – Falcons
* Oren O’Neal – Raiders
* Zak Keasey – Saints
* Jeremi Johnson – Bengals
* Jason Davis – Jets
* Dennis Morris – Rams
* B.J. Askew – Buccaneers
* Charles Ali – Cardinals
* Kyle Eckel – Broncos
* Carey Davis – Redskins
* Byron Storer – Buccaneers
* Jerome Johnson – Cardinals
* Will Ta’ufo’ou – Bears
* Ryan Powdrell – Seahawks
* Jack Corcoran – Titans
* Billy Latsko – Chargers
* Justin Green – Cardinals
* Jed Collins – Saints (Re-Signed to PS)
* Reagan Mauia – Cardinals (Re-Signed)
* Tyler Roehl – Seahawks
* Rolly Lumbala – Dolphins
* Antonio Bryant – Bengals
* Torry Holt – Patriots
* Kevin Curtis – Eagles
* Demetrius Williams – Ravens
* Michael Clayton – Buccaneers
* Laveranues Coles – Jets
* Hank Baskett – Eagles (Signed w/ Vikings)
* Brandon Stokley – Broncos (Signed w/ Seahawks)
* Dennis Northcutt – Lions
* Reggie Brown – Buccaneers
* James Hardy – Bills
* Devin Thomas – Redskins (Claimed by Panthers)
* Javon Walker – Vikings
* Adrian Arrington – Saints (Re-Signed to PS)
* Yamon Figurs – Raiders
* Dwayne Jarrett – Panthers
* Brandon Jones – Seahawks
* Josh Reed – Chargers
* Mark Bradley – Saints
* Jason Hill – 49ers (Re-Signed)
* Keenan Burton – Rams
* Matt Jones – Bengals
* Kelley Washington – Eagles
* Sam Aiken – Browns
* Chad Jackson – Bills
* Bobby Wade – Redskins
* Troy Williamson – Jaguars
* Devard Darling – Chiefs
* Brooks Foster – Jets (Signed w/ Dolphins PS)
* Marty Booker – Falcons
* Lance Long – Chiefs (Signed w/ Jaguars PS)
* Kenneth Moore – Panthers (Signed w/ Colts)
* David Clowney – Jets (Claimed by Panthers)
* Derek Hagan – Giants
* Ruvell Martin – Rams
* Patrick Turner – Jets (Re-Signed to PS)
* Syndric Steptoe – Browns
* Mark Jones – Titans
* Danny Woodhead – Jets (Claimed by Patriots)
* Reggie Williams – Seahawks
* Dexter Jackson – Panthers
* Brian Clark – Lions
* Paul Williams – Titans (Signed w/ Texans PS)
* Jonathan Holland – Raiders
* Logan Payne – Vikings (Signed w/ Jets PS)
* Demetrius Byrd – Chargers
* Aundrae Allison – Jets
* Bobby Engram – Browns
* Quentin Lawrence – Chiefs
* Brandon London – Steelers
* Taj Smith – Colts
* Jordan Kent – Rams
* Gary Banks – Chargers
* Paul Hubbard – Raiders (Signed w/ Bills PS)
* Terrence Nunn – Buccaneers
* Justin Jenkins – Bills
* Jake Allen – Browns
* Maurice Price – Ravens
* Sam Giguere – Colts
* Marko Mitchell – Vikings
* D’Juan Woods – Saints
* Maurice Purify – Bengals
* Dobson Collins – Eagles
* Glenn Martinez – Texans
* Marcus Henry – Jets (Signed w/ Panthers PS)
* Phillip Morris – Titans
* Larry Beavers – Saints
* Bobby Williams – Texans
* Nick Moore – Rams
* Larry Taylor – Jets
* Chris Davis – Giants
* Marcus Maxwell – Seahawks
* Ryan Grice-Mullen – Dolphins
* Chris Hannon – Ravens
* Michael Ray Garvin – Lions
* Marques Hagans – Redskins
* Todd Watkins – Raiders
* Troy Bergeron – Falcons
* Eric Fowler – Lions
* Edward Gant – Cardinals (Re-Signed to PS)
* Mike Hass – Seahawks
* Adam Jennings – Giants
* Mario Urrutia – Buccaneers
* Taurus Johnson – Browns
* Taye Biddle – Vikings
* Travis Brown – Rams
* Onrea Jones – Cardinals (Re-Signed)
* Eric Peterman – Bears
* Roy Hall – Saints
* Patrick Carter – Broncos
* Kole Heckendorf – Seahawks (Signed w/ Chargers PS)
* Dudley Guice – Colts
* James Robinson – Browns
* Patrick Williams – Seahawks
* Jason Chery – Packers
* James Swinton – Falcons
* Matt Simon – Seahawks
* Rod Harper – Saints (Signed w/ Eagles PS)
* David Grimes – Chiefs
* Charles Dillon – Packers
* Eron Riley – Panthers
* Darren Mougey – Cardinals
* Titus Ryan – Cowboys
* Mike Jones – Cardinals
* Dicky Lyons Jr. – Broncos
* S.J. Green – Jets
* L.J. Smith – Ravens
* Gijon Robinson – Colts
* Todd Yoder – Redskins
* Kory Sperry – Broncos (Signed w/ Chargers PS)
* Sean McHugh – Steelers
* Ernest Wilford – Jaguars
* Billy Miller – Saints
* Anthony Becht – Cardinals
* Sean Ryan – Titans
* Tory Humphrey – Saints (Re-Signed)
* Darcy Johnson – Rams (Re-Signed)
* Tony Stewart – Raiders
* Tony Curtis – 49ers
* Cornelius Ingram – Eagles
* Michael Gaines – Texans
* Michael Matthews – Bills
* John Nalbone – Vikings
* John Owens – Raiders
* Nate Lawrie – Eagles
* J.J. Finley – 49ers (Signed w/ Lions PS)
* Steve Heiden – Browns
* Dominique Byrd – Cardinals
* Marquez Branson – Broncos
* Mickey Shuler – Vikings (Claimed by Dolphins)
* Colin Cloherty – Colts (Signed w/ 49ers PS)
* Derek Schouman – Bills
* Dedrick Epps – Chargers (Signed w/ Dolphins PS)
* Darnell Dinkins – Saints
* Quinn Sypniewski – Ravens
* J.P. Foschi – Bills
* Dan Campbell – Saints
* Fontel Mines – Bears
* Derek Fine – Texans
* Jamie Petrowski – Panthers
* Joe Klopfenstein – Bills
* Matt Sherry – Bengals
* Lee Vickers – Redskins
* Nathan Overbay – Dolphins
* Tyler Lorenzen – Saints
* John Madsen – Lions
* Jason Pociask – Cowboys
* Keith Zinger – Falcons
* Eric Butler – Raiders
* Darius Hill – Bengals
* Robert Myers – Bills
* Greg Estandia – Browns
* Richard Angulo – Bears
* Carson Butler – Titans (Signed w/ Patriots PS)
* Joel Gamble – Browns (Signed w/ Titans PS)
* Kevin Brock – Cowboys (Signed w/ Raiders PS)
* Devin Frischknecht – Packers
* Michael Allan – Seahawks
* Kevin Mawae – Titans (Retired)
* Jake Grove – Dolphins
* Mike Gandy – Cardinals
* Justin Hartwig – Steelers
* Chester Pitts – Seahawks (Re-Signed)
* Ikechuku Ndukwe – Chiefs
* Quinn Ojinnaka – Patriots (Re-Signed)
* Jon Jansen – Lions
* Kynan Forney – Jaguars
* Jamon Meredith – Bills (Claimed by Lions)
* Manuel Ramirez – Lions
* Levi Jones – Redskins
* Orlando Pace – Bears
* Nick Leckey – Saints
* Brett Romberg – Falcons
* Chris White – Texans
* Paul McQuistan – Jaguars
* Tony Ugoh – Colts
* Jamar Nesbit – Saints
* Cory Procter – Dolphins (Re-Signed)
* Chris Morris – Raiders (Signed w/ Panthers)
* Tutan Reyes – Texans
* Damion McIntosh – Seahawks
* Mike Goff – Chiefs
* Michael Toudouze – Titans
* Donald Thomas – Dolphins
* Shelley Smith – Texans (Re-Signed to PS)
* Allen Barbre – Packers (Signed w/ Seahawks)
* Mansfield Wrotto – Seahawks (Signed w/ Bills)
* Kendall Simmons – Bills
* Evan Dietrich-Smith – Seahawks
* Guy Whimper – Giants
* Kirk Chambers – Bills
* Fenuki Tupou – Eagles (Re-Signed to PS)
* Darnell Stapleton – Patriots
* Arron Sears – Buccaneers
* Mike Gibson – Seahawks (Re-Signed)
* Johan Asiata – Bears (Re-Signed to PS)
* Kyle Calloway – Bills
* Randy Thomas – Dolphins
* Josh Beekman – Bears
* George Bussey – Patriots
* Xavier Fulton – Colts
* Jonathan Luigs – Bengals
* Thomas Austin – Vikings (Signed w/ Patriots PS)
* Brandon Gorin – Broncos
* Dennis Norman – Chargers
* Jeremy Parnell – Dolphins (Signed w/ Saints PS)
* Brandon Frye – Seahawks
* Billy Yates – Browns (Re-Signed)
* Daniel Federkeil – Colts
* Eric Ghiaciuc – Patriots
* Patrick Brown – Jets (Claimed by Dolphins)
* Seth McKinney – Bills
* Erik Pears – Raiders (Re-Signed)
* Ephraim Salaam – Texans (Re-Signed)
* Maurice Williams – Broncos
* Eric Young – Rams
* Adrian Jones – Steelers
* Andrew Crummey- Panthers
* Chad Rinehart – Jets
* Mitch Erickson – Seahawks
* Cody Wallace – Lions (Signed w/ Jets PS)
* Nevin McCaskill – Titans
* Terrence Metcalf – Saints
* Jason Capizzi – Panthers
* Andrew Gardner – Ravens (Signed w/ Vikings PS)
* Steve Maneri – Patriots (Re-Signed to PS)
* Isaac Sowells – Bengals
* Joe Toledo – Seahawks
* Nick Hennessey – Bills
* Tim Duckworth – Panthers
* Kurt Quarterman – Lions
* Brandon Carter – Saints (Signed w/ Buccaneers PS)
* Cameron Stephenson – Chargers
* Tyler Reed – Bears
* Brian De La Puente – Seahawks
* Joe Reitz – Colts (Re-Signed to Colts PS)
* Blake Schlueter – Falcons
* Na’Shan Goddard – Saints
* Scott Kooistra – Browns (Signed w/ Ravens)
* Rob Petitti – Panthers
* Andrew Hartline – Dolphins (Re-Signed to PS)
* Herb Taylor – Giants
* Roy Schuening – Lions
* Kyle Williams – Seahawks
* Marvin Philip – Bills
* Donovan Raiola – Buccaneers
* Colin Brown – Chiefs
* Mark Lewis – Rams
* Dustin Fry – Broncos
* Jonathan Palmer – Cardinals
* Ryan McDonald – Chargers
* Christian Gaddis – Bills
* Jermail Porter – Chiefs
* Jacob Bender – Saints
* Marlon Davis – Jets
* Andre Ramsey – Bills
* Tim Mattran – Rams
* Drew Radovich – Vikings
* Adam Stenavich – Texans
* Dan Gay – Jets
* Digger Bujnoch – Ravens
* Ray Feinga – Dolphins
* Gerald Cadogan – Colts
* Marc Dile – Buccaneers
* Steve Justice – Panthers
* Cecil Newton – Jaguars
* Cliff Louis – Cowboys
* SirVincent Rogers – Dolphins
* Lou Saucedo – Ravens
* Greg Isdaner – Eagles
* Michael Turkovich – Jets
* C.J. Davis – Panthers
* Stefan Rodgers – Ravens
* Pete Clifford – Titans
* Brandon Rodd – Raiders
* Phil Trautwein – Rams
* Shawn Murphy – Eagles (Signed w/ Panthers PS)
* David Hale – Ravens
* Michael Parenton – Jets
* Greg Ryan – Ravens
* Aaron Schobel – Bills (Retired)
* Adalius Thomas – Patriots
* Charlie Anderson – Dolphins (Signed w/ Chiefs)
* Kawika Mitchell – Bills
* Antwan Barnes – Eagles (Signed w/ Chargers)
* Derrick Burgess – Patriots
* Darrell Reid – Broncos
* Tyjuan Hagler – Colts (Re-Signed)
* Akin Ayodele – Broncos (Signed w/ Bills)
* Stanford Keglar – Titans
* David Veikune – Browns
* Rashad Jeanty – Bengals
* Jamie Winborn – Titans (Re-Signed)
* Marques Murrell – Patriots
* Chike Okeafor – Cardinals
* Troy Evans – Saints
* Angelo Crowell – Buccaneers
* Chris Draft – Redskins
* Abdul Hodge – Bengals
* Robert James – Falcons (Re-Signed to PS)
* Monty Beisel – Cardinals
* Chris Ellis – Bills
* David Herron – Chiefs
* Matt Wilhelm – 49ers
* Nick Greisen – Broncos
* Shawn Crable – Patriots (Re-Signed to PS)
* Vinny Ciurciu – Lions
* Quinton Culberson – Panthers
* Mark Simoneau – Saints
* Pierre Woods – Patriots
* Ricky Foley – Jets
* Khary Campbell – Texans
* Teddy Lehman – Jaguars
* Nathan Triplett – Vikings (Signed w/ Chargers PS)
* Slade Norris – Raiders (Signed w/ Seahawks PS)
* D.D. Lewis – Seahawks
* Tony Gilbert – Jaguars
* Eric Alexander – Patriots (Signed w/ Jaguars)
* Darrell McClover – Bears
* Baraka Atkins – Broncos
* Rod Wilson – Jaguars (Signed w/ Bears)
* Cody Spencer – Lions
* Alvin Bowen – Jaguars (Re-Signed to PS)
* Curtis Gatewood – Cardinals (Re-Signed to PS)
* Jammie Kirlew – Broncos
* Ali Highsmith – Chargers
* Chaun Thompson – Texans
* Darry Beckwith – Chargers
* Tank Daniels – Jaguars
* Bryan Kehl – Giants (Claimed by Rams)
* Ryan Fowler – Jets
* Rocky Boiman – Lions
* Dontarrious Thomas – Chargers
* Josh Stamer – Bills
* Mortty Ivy – Rams (Re-Signed to PS)
* J.D. Folsom – Buccaneers
* Thomas Williams – Patriots (Signed w/ Bills PS)
* K.C. Asiodu – Saints
* Mike Rivera – Titans (Signed w/ Packers PS)
* Jeremiah Trotter – Eagles
* Erik Walden – Dolphins
* Andre Frazier – Steelers
* Kris Griffin – Jaguars
* Kenny Ingram – Giants
* Justin Rogers – Chiefs
* Martail Burnett – 49ers
* Jeremy Thompson – Packers
* Kevin Malast – Bears
* Steve Octavien – Cowboys
* Marques Harris – Chargers
* Mark Washington – Cardinals
* Donovan Woods – Bills
* Brandon Renkart – Steelers
* Derrick Doggett – Steelers
* Toddrick Verdell – Texans
* Matt Stewart – Steelers
* Marcus Buggs – Bills (Signed w/ Bears PS)
* Weston Dacus – Chiefs
* Johnny Williams – Packers
* Kelvin Smith – Bears
* Ryan Manalac – Bills
* Ezra Butler – Jets
* Adewale Ogunleye – Bears (Signed w/ Texans)
* Jarvis Green – Broncos
* Jevon Kearse – Titans
* Marques Douglas – Dolphins
* Alfonso Boone – Chargers
* Darren Howard – Eagles
* Mark Anderson – Bears (Signed w/ Texans)
* Ryon Bingham – Chargers
* Trevor Pryce – Ravens (Signed w/ Jets)
* Bobby McCray – Saints
* Victor Adeyanju – Rams
* Greg Ellis – Raiders
* Reggie Hayward – Jaguars
* Charles Grant – Dolphins (Signed w/ Bears)
* Eric Moore – Rams
* Michael Montgomery – Vikings
* Paul Spicer – Saints
* Clifton Geathers – Dolphins (Re-Signed to PS)
* Leonard Little – Rams
* Travis Kirschke – Steelers
* Alex Hall – Giants (Signed w/ Cardinals)
* Renaldo Wynn – Redskins
* Derek Walker – 49ers
* Nick Reed – Seahawks
* Ryan Denney – Texans
* Ronald Talley – Packers
* Ra’Shon Harris – Steelers (Signed w/ Bills PS)
* Jeremy Clark – Cardinals
* Dewayne White – Lions
* Kenny Peterson – Broncos
* Pannel Egboh – Eagles (Re-Signed to PS)
* Jay Richardson – Raiders
* Robert Henderson – Seahawks
* Hall Davis – Redskins (Signed w/ Titans PS)
* Chris Harrington – Titans
* Greyson Gunheim – Raiders
* Doug Worthington – Steelers
* Jason Banks – Cardinals
* Erik Lorig – Buccaneers (Re-Signed to PS)
* Amon Gordon – Seahawks (Signed w/ Titans)
* Brian Johnston – Dolphins
* Tim Jamison – Texans
* Brandon Miller – Seahawks
* Jarius Wynn – Packers (Re-Signed)
* Darrion Scott – Redskins
* Jay Moore – Titans
* Keith Grennan – Browns
* Jermelle Cudjo – Rams
* Maurice Evans – Bears
* Julius Williams – Jaguars
* Ervin Baldwin – Colts
* Derrick Jones – Chargers
* Rashaad Duncan – Bills
* Tommie Hill – Giants
* John Fletcher – Cardinals
* Maurice Lucas – Falcons
* Sean Conover – Rams
* Rodrique Wright – Jets
* Eric Bakhitiari – Titans (Signed w/ 49ers PS)
* Willie VanDeSteeg – Ravens
* Dean Muhtadi – Cardinals
* J.D. Skolnitsky – Colts
* Jermaine McGhee – Bills
* Ryan Kees – Cardinals
* Rudolph Hardie – Colts
* Damione Lewis – Patriots
* Attiyah Ellison – Jaguars
* Louis Leonard – Panthers
* C.J. Mosley – Browns (Signed w/ Jaguars)
* Anthony Montgomery – Redskins
* Howard Green – Jets (Re-Signed)
* Rob Meier – Jaguars
* Ian Scott – Chargers
* Jay Alford – Raiders
* DelJuan Robinson – Texans
* Cornelius Griffin – Redskins
* Craig Terrill – Seahawks (Re-Signed)
* Tank Tyler – Panthers
* LeKevin Smith – Broncos
* Dre’ Moore – Buccaneers
* Chris Baker – Broncos (Signed w/ Dolphins PS)
* Grady Jackson – Lions
* Mitch King – Colts (Re-Signed to PS)
* Quinn Pitcock – Seahawks
* Jeff Zgonina – Texans
* Hollis Thomas – Panthers (Suspended 8 Games)
* Montavious Stanley – Dolphins
* Orien Harris – Bengals
* Thomas Johnson – Falcons
* Kendrick Clancy – Saints
* Greg Peterson – Redskins
* LaJuan Ramsey – Rams
* J’Vonne Parker – Broncos
* Ryan Boschetti – Raiders
* Dusty Dvoracek – Bears
* Adrian Grady – Patriots
* David Howard – Titans
* Terrance Taylor – Lions
* William Joseph – Raiders
* Jonathan Lewis – Seahawks
* Keilen Dykes – Cardinals
* Chris Bradwell – Rams
* Jeremy Navarre – Jaguars
* Antoine Holmes – Redskins
* Khalif Mitchell – 49ers
* Josh Leonard – Buccaneers
* Lonnie Harvey – Bills
* Chris Cooper – Raiders
* Adam Hoppel – Browns
* Carlton Powell – Buccaneers
* Dwayne Hendricks – Giants
* Derek Lokey – Chiefs
* Earl Heyman – Saints
* Marcus Smith – Bills
* Ty Steinkuhler – Jets
* Rodney Leisle – Saints
* Marlon Favorite – Colts
* Nick Harper – Titans
* Nathan Vasher – Chargers (Signed w/ Lions)
* Shawn Springs – Patriots
* Chevis Jackson – Falcons
* Walt Harris – Ravens
* Kevin Dockery – Rams (Re-Signed)
* Ty Law – Broncos
* Ken Lucas – Seahawks
* Frank Walker – Ravens (Signed w/ Vikings)
* Tye Hill – Titans
* Karl Paymah – 49ers (Signed w/ Texans)
* Scott Starks – Jaguars
* Anthony Henry – Lions
* Dre Bly – Lions
* Jacques Reeves – Texans
* Marcus McCauley – Colts
* Fred Bennett – Chargers
* Hank Poteat – Browns
* Kevin Hobbs – Dolphins
* Jonathan Hefney – Lions
* Torrie Cox – Buccaneers
* Eric King – Lions
* Leigh Torrence – Saints (Re-Signed)
* Coye Francies – Browns
* Fred Smoot – Redskins
* Ralph Brown – Cardinals
* Gerard Lawson – Browns
* Dante Wesley – Lions (Re-Signed)
* Jamar Wall – Texans (Signed w/ Eagles PS)
* Ellis Lankster – Bills
* Keiwan Ratliff – Bengals
* Travis Fisher – Ravens
* Dante Hughes – Chargers (Re-Signed)
* Justin Miller – Cardinals
* Brandon Hughes – Chargers (Re-Signed to PS)
* Brian Witherspoon – Panthers
* Marcus Walker – Panthers
* Cletis Gordon – Cowboys
* Evan Oglesby – Dolphins
* Corey Ivy – Ravens
* T.J. Rushing – Lions
* Keith Smith – 49ers
* Mike Richardson – Chiefs
* Prince Miller – Ravens (Re-Signed to PS)
* Joey Thomas – Raiders
* David Pittman – Steelers
* Ramzee Robinson – Redskins
* Terrail Lambert – Colts (Signed w/ Rams PS)
* Mike Mickens – Bengals (Signed w/ CFL)
* Matterral Richardson – Browns
* Chris Roberson – Browns
* Tramaine Brock – 49ers
* Ray Fisher – Colts
* Michael Coe – Jaguars (Signed w/ Giants PS)
* K.J. Gerard – Ravens
* Woodny Turenne – Bears
* C.J. Wilson – Panthers (Re-Signed)
* Joe Burnett – Steelers
* Marquis Johnson – Rams (Re-Signed to PS)
* Geoffrey Pope – Eagles
* D.J. Clark – Packers
* Bryan McCann – Ravens (Signed w/ Cowboys PS)
* Doug Dutch – Ravens
* Greg Fassitt – Saints
* DeAngelo Willingham – Patriots
* Marquis Floyd – Cowboys
* Rashad Barksdale – Cardinals
* Lydell Sargeant – Bills
* Courtney Brown – Giants
* Brandon Anderson – Buccaneers
* Danny Gorrer – Ravens
* Reggie Jones – Saints (Re-Signed to PS)
* Stoney Woodson – Buccaneers
* Cord Parks – Seahawks
* DeAndre Wright – Browns
* Mark Parson – Texans (Signed w/ Saints PS)
* Trae Williams – Buccaneers
* Jamar Love – Titans
* Derrick Roberson – Browns
* Londen Fryar – Giants
* Glenn Sharpe – Colts
* Pete Ittersagen – Titans (Re-Signed to PS)
* Trevor Ford – Cardinals
* Paul Pratt – Lions (Re-Signed)
* Marcus Brown – Rams
* Chris Hawkins – Ravens
* Antonio Smith – Bengals
* Quintin Demps – Eagles
* Ken Hamlin – Ravens (Re-Signed)
* Jermaine Phillips – Buccaneers
* Gerald Alexander – Jaguars (Re-Signed)
* Michael Lewis – 49ers
* Mike Brown – Chiefs
* Ko Simpson – Lions
* Tyrone Carter – Redskins (Signed w/ Chargers)
* Aaron Francisco – Panthers (Signed w/ Colts)
* Kalvin Pearson – Lions
* Kevin Payne – Rams
* Pat Watkins – Cowboys
* DaJuan Morgan – Colts
* Al Afalava – Bears
* Macho Harris – Eagles
* Matt Giordano – Falcons (Signed w/ Saints)
* Kyries Herbert – Bengals
* Vernon Fox – Broncos
* Daniel Bullocks – Lions
* Todd Johnson – Bills
* Michael Hamlin – Cowboys
* Lendy Holmes – Redskins
* Jamar Adams – Eagles
* Kevin Kaesviharn – Titans
* Marquand Manuel – Lions
* Kevin Ellison – Seahawks
* Mark Roman – 49ers
* Randy Phillips – Lions (Re-Signed to PS)
* Herana-Daze Jones – Cardinals
* Nick Ferguson – Texans
* Marvin White – Bengals
* Clinton Hart – Rams
* C.J. Spillman – Chargers (Claimed by 49ers)
* John Busing – Giants
* Chip Vaughn – Eagles
* Quinton Teal – Chargers (Re-Signed)
* David Roach – Lions
* Brannon Condren – Jets
* Sha’Reff Rashad – Giants
* Michael Greco – Giants (Signed w/ Packers PS)
* Jerome Boyd – Raiders
* DeAngelo Smith – Browns (Re-Signed to PS)
* Jamaal Fudge – Falcons
* John Bowie – Browns
* Aaron Rouse – Cardinals
* Eric Bassey – Rams
* Emanuel Cook – Jets
* Keith Fitzhugh – Jets
* Brian Russell – Texans
* Anthony Scirrotto – Eagles
* Khalil Jones – Packers
* Erick Brock – Falcons
* Shayne Graham – Ravens
* Kris Brown – Texans
* Matt Stover – Colts
* John Carney – Saints
* Rhys Lloyd – Vikings (Signed w/ Panthers)
* Steven Hauschka – Lions
* Nick Novak – Chargers
* Shaun Suisham – Rams
* Shane Andrus – 49ers
* Justin Medlock – Lions
* Dave Rayner – Bengals
* Swayze Waters – Raiders
* Sam Swank – Giants
* Piotr Czech – Steelers
* Connor Hughes – Cowboys
* Hunter Smith – Redskins (Re-Signed)
* Chris Hanson – Patriots
* Mitch Berger – Broncos
* Durant Brooks – Eagles
* Dirk Johnson – Buccaneers
* Ricky Schmitt – Titans
* Jeremy Kapinos – Packers
* Brent Bowden – Buccaneers
* Glenn Pakulak – Chargers
* Sam Paulescu – Buccaneers
* Ken Parrish – Eagles
* Tom Malone – Seahawks
* Chris Bryan – Buccaneers
* Richmond McGee – Bears
* Jy Bond – Giants
* A.J. Trapasso – Broncos
* Adam Graessle – Steelers
* Robert Malone – Jaguars (Signed w/ Buccaneers)
* T.J. Conley – Jets
* David King – Patriots
* Ethan Albright – Chargers
* James Dearth – Redskins (Signed w/ Chargers)
* Kevin Houser – Seahawks
* Matt Katula – Ravens
* Bryan Pittman – Texans
* Mike Windt – Bengals (Signed w/ Chargers)
* Matt Overton – Seahawks
* Ryan Neill – Rams (Signed w/ Chargers)
* Jeff Robinson – Seahawks
* Jared Retkofsky – Steelers
* Patrick McDonald – Seahawks

****To keep up to date on what teams are rumored to have interest in these players, just visit the following link…..

** Here, you will find all the roster movement for all 32 teams as each now goes from 75 players to 53. This page will be continuously updated throughout the next several days, to keep you up to date on all the player movement (trades, signings, waiver claims, players released, players waived, players placed on Injured Reserve (IR), Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform (PUP), Reserve/Non-Football Injury (NFI), and anything else that may happen. Each team will get to put together an 8-Man Practice Squad and you will be able to get that information on the post above this one.

*Acquired 2011 Conditional 6th Round Draft Pick from Chargers in exchange for (WR)Patrick Crayton
*Acquired Undisclosed Future Draft Pick from Dolphins in exchange for (OL)Pat McQuistan
*Re-Signed (WR)Miles Austin to 6-Year Contract Extension
*Released (DT)Junior Siavii
*Waived (RB)Herb Donaldson
*Waived (RB)Lonyae Miller
*Waived (WR)Jesse Holley
*Waived (WR)Manuel Johnson
*Waived (TE)DajLeon Farr
*Waived (TE)Jason Pociask
*Waived (TE)Martin Rucker
*Waived (OL)Will Barker
*Waived (OL)Travis Bright
*Waived (OL)Mike Tepper
*Waived (LB)Steve Octavien
*Waived (LB)Curtis Johnson
*Waived (LB)Brandon Sharpe
*Waived (DE)Marcus Dixon
*Waived (DT)Jimmy Saddler-McQueen
*Waived (CB)Cletis Gordon
*Waived (CB)Jamar Wall
*Waived (CB)Bryan McCann
*Waived (CB)Teddy Williams

*Acquired (QB)Sage Rosenfels & (RB/WR)Darius Reynaud from Vikings in exchange for 2011 5th Round Draft Pick & 2012 Conditional Draft Pick
*Placed (LB)Alex Hall on Injured Reserve
*Placed (CB)Courtney Brown on Injured Reserve
*Released (WR)Derek Hagan
*Released (OL)Guy Whimper
*Released (S)John Busing
*Waived (QB)Rhett Bomar
*Waived (QB)Dominic Randolph
*Waived (RB)Andre Brown
*Waived (RB)Gartrell Johnson
*Waived (FB)Jerome Johnson
*Waived (WR)Tim Brown
*Waived (TE)Bear Pascoe
*Waived (TE)Scott Chandler
*Waived (OL)Jacob Bender
*Waived (OL)Herb Taylor
*Waived (OL)Jim Cordle
*Waived (OL)Dennis Landolt
*Waived (DE)Tommie Hill
*Waived (DT)Dwayne Hendricks
*Waived (DT)Nate Collins
*Waived (CB)Seth Williams
*Waived (S)Sha’reff Rashad
*Waived (S)Matt O’Hanlon
*Waived (S)Michael Greco off Injured Reserve

*Acquired (LB)Antwan Barnes from Ravens in exchange for 2011 7th Round Draft Pick
*Acquired (OL)Reggie Wells from Cardinals in exchange for 2011 6th Round Draft Pick
*Acquired 2011 7th Round Draft Pick from Seahawks in exchange for (OL)Stacy Andrews
*Acquired 2012 Undisclosed Draft Pick from Patriots in exchange for (LB)Tracy White
*Released (RB)J.J. Arrington
*Released (WR)Kelley Washington
*Released (TE)Nate Lawrie
*Waived (RB)Martell Mallett
*Waived (WR)Chad Hall
*Waived (WR)Jordan Norwood
*Waived (WR)Dobson Collins
*Waived (TE)Cornelius Ingram
*Waived (OL)Fenuki Tupou
*Waived (OL)A.Q. Shipley
*Waived (OL)Dallas Reynolds
*Waived (OL)Jeraill McCuller
*Waived (DE)Pannel Egboh
*Waived (DE)Eric Moncur
*Waived (DT)Jeff Owens
*Waived (DT)Boo Robinson
*Waived (CB)Geoffrey Pope
*Waived (CB)David Pender
*Waived (S)Macho Harris
*Waived (S)Anthony Scirrotto

*Acquired Undisclosed Draft Pick from Colts in exchange for (CB)Justin Tryon
*Placed (OL)Clint Oldenburg on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LB)Robert Henson on Injured Reserve
*Released (RB)Willie Parker
*Released (FB)Carey Davis
*Released (WR)Bobby Wade
*Released (DE)Darrion Scott
*Released (DT)Howard Green
*Released (S)Tyrone Carter
*Waived (QB)Richard Bartel
*Waived (RB)Ryan Torain
*Waived (WR)Terrence Austin
*Waived (WR)Shay Hodge
*Waived (TE)Lee Vickers
*Waived (OL)Chad Rinehart
*Waived (OL)William Robinson
*Waived (OL)Selvish Capers
*Waived (OL)Erik Cook
*Waived (LB)Rob Jackson
*Waived (LB)Curtis Gatewood
*Waived (CB)Ramzee Robinson
*Waived (S)Anderson Russell

*Placed (CB)Woodny Turenne on Injured Reserve
*Waived (QB)Dan LeFevour
*Waived (FB)Will Ta’ufo’ou off Injured Reserve
*Waived (FB)Eddie Williams
*Waived (WR)Juaquin Iglesias
*Waived (WR)Freddie Barnes
*Waived (WR)Greg Mathews
*Waived (TE)Richard Angulo
*Waived (OL)Josh Beekman
*Waived (OL)Edwin Williams
*Waived (OL)Levi Horn
*Waived (OL)Tim Walter
*Waived (LB)Tim Shaw
*Waived (LB)Kevin Malast
*Waived (LB)Kelvin Smith
*Waived (DE)Barry Turner
*Waived (DT)Jarron Gilbert
*Waived (DT)Mick Williams
*Waived (CB)Woodny Turenne
*Waived (CB)Cornelius Brown
*Waived (S)Al Afalava
*Waived (S)Aaron Webster
*Waived (S)Quentin Scott
*Waived (OL)James Marten

*Acquired (CB)Alphonso Smith from Broncos in exchange for (TE)Dan Gronkowski
*Claimed (WR)Stefan Logan off waivers from Steelers
*Claimed (TE)Spencer Havner off waivers from Packers
*Released (RB)DeDe Dorsey
*Released (WR)Dennis Northcutt
*Released (WR)Brian Clark
*Released (OL)Jon Jansen
*Released (LB)Vinny Ciurciu
*Released (LB)Rocky Boiman
*Released (CB)Dre’ Bly
*Released (CB)Dante Wesley
*Released (CB)T.J. Rushing
*Released (CB)Eric King
*Waived (WR)Tim Toone
*Waived (WR)Michael Moore
*Waived (OL)Cliff Louis
*Waived (OL)Dan Gerberry
*Waived (OL)Noah Franklin
*Waived (LB)Caleb Campbell
*Waived (DE)Korey Bosworth off Injured Reserve
*Waived (DT)Landon Cohen
*Waived (DT)Robert Callaway
*Waived (DT)Jaron Baston
*Waived (CB)Jonathan Hefney
*Waived (CB)Paul Pratt
*Waived (S)David Roach off Injured Reserve
*Waived (K)Steven Hauschka

*Re-Signed (CB)Charles Woodson to 2-Year Contract Extension
*Placed (CB)Will Blackmon on Injured Reserve
*Waived (QB)Graham Harrell
*Waived (RB)Kregg Lumpkin
*Waived (RB)Quinn Porter off Injured Reserve
*Waived (WR)Jason Chery
*Waived (WR)Charles Dillon
*Waived (WR)Chastin West
*Waived (WR)Patrick Williams
*Waived (TE)Spencer Havner
*Waived (OL)Breno Giacomini
*Waived (OL)Allen Barbre off Injured Reserve
*Waived (OL)Evan Dietrich-Smith
*Waived (OL)Chris Campbell
*Waived (LB)Cyril Obiozor
*Waived (LB)Robert Francois
*Waived (LB)Alex Joseph
*Waived (LB)Maurice Simpkins
*Waived (DE)Ronald Talley
*Waived (DE)Jarius Wynn
*Waived (DT)Anthony Toribio
*Waived (CB)D.J. Clark
*Waived (S)Anthony Levine
*Waived (P)Chris Bryan

*Acquired 2011 5th Round Draft Pick & 2012 Conditonal Draft Pick from Giants in exchange for (QB)Sage Rosenfels & (RB/WR)Darius Reynaud
*Released (WR)Javon Walker
*Released (DE)Michael Montgomery
*Waived (RB)Ian Johnson
*Waived (FB)Ryan D’Imperio
*Waived (WR)Logan Payne
*Waived (WR)Taye Biddle
*Waived (WR)Freddie Brown
*Waived (WR)Marquis Hamilton
*Waived (TE)Garrett Mills
*Waived (OL)Patrick Brown
*Waived (OL)Chris Clark
*Waived (OL)Drew Radovich
*Waived (OL)Thomas Austin
*Waived (OL)Adrian Battles
*Waived (LB)Nathan Triplett
*Waived (DT)Tremaine Johnson
*Waived (CB)DeAndre Wright
*Waived (CB)Marcus Sherels
*Waived (S)Colt Anderson
*Waived (K)Rhys Lloyd

*Placed (WR)Brandyn Harvey on Injured Reserve
*Released (FB)Dan Klecko
*Released (OL)Brett Romberg
*Waived (WR)Troy Bergeron
*Waived (WR)Tim Buckley
*Waived (WR)Andy Strickland
*Waived (WR)Ryan Wolfe
*Waived (TE)Robbie Agnone
*Waived (TE)Keith Zinger
*Waived (OL)Jose Valdez
*Waived (OL)Blake Schlueter
*Waived (LB)Weston Johnson
*Waived (LB)Bear Woods
*Waived (DE)Emmanuel Stephens
*Waived (DE)Maurice Lucas
*Waived (CB)Chevis Jackson
*Waived (CB)Dominique Daniels
*Waived (S)Erick Brock
*Waived (S)Rafael Bush

*Placed (TE)Jamie Petrowski on Injured Reserve
*Placed (OL)Duke Robinson on Injured Reserve
*Placed (OL)C.J. Davis on Injured Reserve
*Placed (S)Aaron Francisco on Injured Reserve
*Released (DE)Eric Moore
*Waived (QB)Hunter Cantwell
*Waived (RB)Dantrell Savage
*Waived (RB)Josh Vaughan
*Waived (FB)Rashawn Jackson
*Waived (WR)Kenneth Moore
*Waived (WR)Trent Guy
*Waived (OL)C.J. Davis off Injured Reserve
*Waived (OL)Andrew Crummey
*Waived (OL)Ray Hisathke
*Waived (OL)Rob Pettiti
*Waived (LB)Mortty Ivy
*Waived (LB)Quinton Culberson
*Waived (LB)Sean Ware
*Waived (DT)Tank Tyler
*Waived (DT)Corvey Irvin
*Waived (CB)Brian Witherspoon
*Waived (CB)R.J. Stanford
*Waived (CB)C.J Wilson

*Signed UFA (LB)Danny Clark/Texans
*Placed (LB)Jonathan Casillas on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LB)Clint Ingram on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List
*Placed (S)Darren Sharper on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List
*Re-Signed (TE)Tory Humphrey
*Released (QB)Patrick Ramsey
*Released (RB)Ladell Betts
*Released (FB)Jason McKie
*Released (OL)Nick Leckey
*Released (OL)Terrence Metcalf
*Released (DE)Bobby McCray
*Released (DT)Kendrick Clancy
*Released (CB)Leigh Torrence
*Waived (QB)Sean Canfield
*Waived (FB)Zak Keasey
*Waived (WR)Montez Billings
*Waived (TE)Tory Humphrey
*Waived (TE)Tyler Lorenzen
*Waived (OL)Brandon Carter
*Waived (OL)Na’Shan Goddard
*Waived (OL)Jeremy Parnell
*Waived (LB)Harry Coleman
*Waived (DT)DeMario Pressley
*Waived (DT)Al Woods
*Waived (DT)Jay Ross
*Waived (CB)Reggie Jones
*Waived (S)Chip Vaughn

*Signed UFA (P)Chris Bryan/Packers
*Claimed (RB)Kregg Lumpkin off waivers from Packers
*Claimed (RB)LeGarrette Blount off waivers from Titans
*Claimed (OL)Ted Larsen off waivers from Patriots
*Placed (OL)Demar Dotson on Injured Reserve
*Placed (OL)Jonathan Compas on Injured Reserve
*Released (WR)Michael Clayton
*Released (WR)Reggie Brown
*Waived (QB)Jevan Snead
*Waived (RB)Clifton Smith
*Waived (RB)Carlos Brown
*Waived (FB)Redrick Taylor
*Waived (TE)Ryan Purvis
*Waived (TE)Jeron Mastrud
*Waived (OL)Xavier Fulton
*Waived (OL)Marc Dile
*Waived (OL)Donovan Raiola
*Waived (OL)Derek Hardman
*Waived (LB)Rico McCoy
*Waived (LB)Lee Robinson
*Waived (DE)George Johnson
*Waived (DE)James Ruffin
*Waived (DT)Dre’ Moore
*Waived (DT)Carlton Powell
*Waived (CB)Derrick Roberson
*Waived (CB)Brandon Anderson
*Waived (CB)Trae Williams
*Waived (S)Vince Anderson
*Waived (P)Brent Bowden

*Acquired 2011 6th Round Draft Pick from Eagles in exchange for (OL)Reggie Wells
*Claimed (FB)Jerome Johnson off waivers from Giants
*Claimed (LB)Cyril Obiozor off waivers from Packers
*Claimed (CB)Brandon McDonald off waivers from Browns
*Placed (LB)Mark Washington on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LB)Chris Johnson on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LB)Gerald Hayes on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List
*Released (QB)Matt Leinart
*Released (TE)Anthony Becht
*Released (LB)Monty Beisel
*Released (CB)Justin Miller
*Waived (RB)Charles Scott
*Waived (RB)Alphonso Smith
*Waived (FB)Reagan Mauia
*Waived (WR)Edward Gant
*Waived (WR)Onrea Jones
*Waived (WR)Mike Jones
*Waived (WR)Isaiah Williams
*Waived (OL)Jonathan Palmer
*Waived (OL)Herman Johnson
*Waived (OL)Tom Pestock
*Waived (LB)Cody Brown
*Waived (LB)Pago Togafau
*Waived (LB)Stevie Baggs
*Waived (DE)Dean Muhtadi off Injured Reserve
*Waived (DE)Jeremy Clark
*Waived (DE)John Fletcher
*Waived (CB)Trevor Ford
*Waived (CB)Marshay Green

*Acquired (WR)Mark Clayton & 2011 7th Round Draft Pick from Ravens in exchange for 2011 6th Round Draft Pick
*Released (LB)Bobby Carpenter
*Released (DE)Victor Adeyanju
*Released (CB)Quincy Butler
*Placed (OL)Eric Young on Injured Reserve
*Placed (S)Kevin Payne on Injured Reserve
*Waived (QB)Keith Null
*Waived (RB)Chris Ogbonnaya
*Waived (FB)Dennis Morris
*Waived (WR)Keenan Burton
*Waived (WR)Jordan Kent
*Waived (WR)Danario Alexander
*Waived (WR)Brandon McRae
*Waived (TE)Darcy Johnson
*Waived (OL)Phil Trautwein off Injured Reserve
*Waived (OL)Drew Miller
*Waived (OL)Roger Allen
*Waived (OL)Ryan McKee
*Waived (OL)Tim Mattran
*Waived (LB)Cardia Jackson
*Waived (LB)Devin Bishop
*Waived (DT)Ernest Reid
*Waived (CB)Marquis Johnson
*Waived (CB)Antoine Thompson
*Waived (S)Brett Johnson

*Signed UFA (QB)Troy Smith/Ravens
*Re-Signed (TE)Vernon Davis to 5-Year Contract Extension
*Released (RB)Michael Robinson
*Released (LB)Matt Wilhelm
*Released (CB)Karl Paymah
*Waived (QB)Nate Davis
*Waived (QB)Jarrett Brown
*Waived (FB)Brit Miller
*Waived (FB)Jehuu Caulcrick
*Waived (WR)Jason Hill
*Waived (WR)Kevin Jurovich
*Waived (WR)Bobby Guillory
*Waived (TE)Tony Curtis
*Waived (TE)J.J. Finley
*Waived (OL)Cody Wallace
*Waived (OL)Brian De La Puente
*Waived (OL)Matt Kopa
*Waived (LB)Bruce Davis
*Waived (LB)Brandon Long off Injured Reserve
*Waived (LB)Mike Balogun
*Waived (LB)Keaton Kristick
*Waived (DE)Derek Walker
*Waived (DT)Khalif Mitchell
*Waived (DT)Will Tukuafu
*Waived (S)Chris Maragos
*Waived (K)Shane Andrus

*Acquired (OL)Stacy Andrews from Eagles in exchange for 2011 7th Round Draft Pick
*Signed UFA (FB)Michael Robinson/49ers
*Signed UFA (DE)Raheem Brock/Titans
*Signed UFA (DT)Junior Siavii/Cowboys
*Claimed (OL)Evan Dietrich-Smith off waivers from Packers
*Claimed (S)Nate Ness off waivers from Dolphins
*Re-Signed UFA (S)Jordan Babineaux
*Placed (OL)Ray Willis on Injured Reserve
*Released (QB)J.P. Losman
*Released (WR)T.J. Houshmandzadeh
*Released (WR)Brandon Jones
*Released (WR)Ruvell Martin
*Released (LB)Tyjuan Hagler
*Released (DE)Amon Gordon
*Released (DT)Kevin Vickerson
*Released (DT)Craig Terrill
*Released (S)Jordan Babineaux
*Waived (RB)Louis Rankin
*Waived (FB)Owen Schmitt
*Waived (TE)Nick Tow-Arnett
*Waived (OL)Steve Vallos
*Waived (OL)Mansfield Wrotto
*Waived (OL)Mitch Erickson
*Waived (OL)Joe Toledo
*Waived (OL)Jeff Byers
*Waived (OL)Jacob Phillips
*Waived (LB)Joe Pawelek
*Waived (DE)James Wyche
*Waived (DE)Nick Reed
*Waived (DT)Rob Rose
*Waived (DT)Quinn Pitcock
*Waived (DT)Jonathan Lewis off Injured Reserve
*Waived (CB)Cord Parks
*Waived (CB)Marcus Brown
*Waived (S)Jamar Adams
*Waived (S)Kevin Ellison

*Signed UFA (TE)David Martin/Dolphins
*Claimed (OL)Kraig Urbik off waivers from Steelers
*Re-Signed (FB)Corey McIntyre to 2-Year Contract Extension
*Placed (TE)Derek Schouman on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LB)Kawika Mitchell on Injured Reserve
*Placed (TE)DajLeon Farr on Practice Squad/Injured Reserve List
*Placed (S)Jon Corto on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List
*Released (WR)Chad Jackson
*Released (TE)J.P. Foschi
*Released (OL)Kirk Chambers
*Waived (QB)Levi Brown
*Waived (RB)Joique Bell
*Waived (RB)Chad Simpson
*Waived (RB)Andre Anderson
*Waived (FB)Rodney Ferguson
*Waived (WR)James Hardy
*Waived (WR)Naaman Roosevelt
*Waived (TE)Derek Schouman off Injured Reserve
*Waived (TE)Andrew George
*Waived (OL)Nick Hennessey
*Waived (OL)Andre Ramsey
*Waived (OL)Jason Watkins
*Waived (OL)Sean Allen
*Waived (OL)Christian Gaddis
*Waived (LB)Donovan Woods
*Waived (DE)Rashaad Duncan
*Waived (CB)Ellis Lankster
*Waived (CB)Lydell Sargeant
*Waived (S)Dominique Harris

*Acquired (OL)Pat McQuistan from Cowboys in exchange for Undisclosed Future Draft Pick
*Signed UFA (RB/KR)Clifton Smith/Buccaneers
*Re-Signed UFA (OL)Cory Procter
*Claimed (OL)Jeremy Parnell off waivers from Saints
*Claimed (OL)Joe Reitz off waivers from Ravens
*Claimed (DE)Clifton Geathers off waivers from Browns
*Claimed (DT)Rob Rose off waivers from Seahawks
*Placed (CB)Will Allen on Injured Reserve
*Released (TE)David Martin
*Released (OL)Jake Grove
*Released (OL)Cory Procter
*Released (LB)Charlie Anderson
*Released (DE)Marques Douglas
*Released (DE)Charles Grant
*Released (DT)Montavious Stanley
*Waived (QB)Pat White
*Waived (FB)Rolly Lumbala
*Waived (WR)Patrick Turner
*Waived (OL)Joe Reitz
*Waived (OL)Donald Thomas
*Waived (OL)Ray Feinga
*Waived (OL)Andrew Hartline
*Waived (OL)Andrew Gardner
*Waived (LB)Erik Walden
*Waived (LB)Chris McCoy
*Waived (LB)Austin Spitler
*Waived (LB)J.D. Folsom
*Waived (DE)Lionel Dotson
*Waived (DT)Ryan Baker
*Waived (CB)Kevin Hobbs
*Waived (CB)Jonathan Amaya
*Waived (S)Ross Weaver

*Acquired (LB)Tracy White from Eagles in exchange for 2012 Undisclosed Draft Pick
*Acquired (S)Jarrad Page from Chiefs in exchange for Undisclosed Draft Pick
*Claimed (OL)Steve Maneri off waivers from Texans
*Re-Signed (QB)Tom Brady to 4-Year Contract Extension
*Placed (S)Brandon McGowan on Injured Reserve
*Released (TE)Jeron Mastrud from Practice Squad
*Released (RB)Chris Taylor
*Released (WR)Sam Aiken
*Released (OL)Eric Ghiaciuc
*Released (LB)Derrick Burgess
*Released (LB)Pierre Woods
*Released (LB)Eric Alexander
*Released (DT)Damione Lewis
*Waived (QB)Zac Robinson
*Waived (RB)Thomas Clayton
*Waived (WR)Darnell Jenkins
*Waived (WR)Buddy Farnham
*Waived (WR)Rod Owens
*Waived (TE)Carson Butler
*Waived (TE)Robert Myers
*Waived (OL)Ted Larsen
*Waived (OL)Thomas Welch
*Waived (OL)George Bussey
*Waived (OL)Rich Ohrnberger
*Waived (LB)Tyrone McKenzie
*Waived (CB)DeAngelo Willingham
*Waived (S)Sergio Brown
*Waived (S)Ross Ventrone

*Re-Signed (CB)Darrelle Revis to 4-Year Contract Extension
*Re-Signed UFA (FB)Tony Richardson
*Claimed (WR)Patrick Turner off waivers from Dolphins
*Claimed (DE)Marcus Dixon off waivers from Cowboys
*Claimed (OL)Patrick Brown off waivers from Vikings
*Released (FB)Tony Richardson
*Released (WR)David Clowney
*Waived (RB)Chauncey Washington
*Waived (FB)Jason Davis
*Waived (WR)Patrick Turner
*Waived (WR)Brooks Foster
*Waived (WR)Larry Taylor
*Waived (OL)Michael Turkovich
*Waived (OL)Robbie Felix
*Waived (OL)Chet Teofilo
*Waived (OL)Dan Gay
*Waived (OL)Charlie Tanner
*Waived (LB)Ricky Foley
*Waived (LB)Josh Mauga
*Waived (LB)Brashton Satele
*Waived (LB)Tim Knicky
*Waived (LB)Boris Lee
*Waived (LB)Cory Reamer
*Waived (DE)Jason Lamb
*Waived (DT)Ty Steinkuhler
*Waived (DT)Martin Tevasu
*Waived (CB)Bo Smith
*Waived (S)Keith Fitzhugh
*Waived (S)Emanuel Cook
*Waived (S)Donovan Warren
*Waived (S)Brian Jackson

*Acquired 2011 7th Round Draft Pick from Eagles in exchange for (LB)Antwan Barnes
*Acquired 2011 6th Round Draft Pick from Rams in exchange for (WR)Mark Clayton & 2011 7th Round Draft Pick
*Signed UFA (WR)T.J. Houshmandzadeh/Seahawks
*Claimed (CB)Bryan McCann off waivers from Cowboys
*Placed (S)Ed Reed on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List
*Placed (OL)Ramon Harewood on Injured Reserve
*Placed (OL)David Hale on Injured Reserve
*Placed (OL)Stefan Rodgers on Injured Reserve
*Placed (DT)Kelly Talayou on Injured Reserve
*Released (WR)Demetrius Williams
*Released (CB)Travis Fisher
*Released (K)Shayne Graham
*Released (QB)Hunter Cantwell off Practice Squad
*Waived (QB)Troy Smith
*Waived (RB)Curtis Steele
*Waived (FB)Mike McLaughlin off Injured Reserve
*Waived (WR)Justin Harper
*Waived (WR)Eron Riley
*Waived (TE)Davon Drew
*Waived (OL)Joe Reitz
*Waived (OL)Bryan Mattison
*Waived (OL)Devin Tyler
*Waived (DE)Albert McClellan
*Waived (CB)Prince Miller
*Waived (CB)K.J. Gerard
*Waived (CB)Chris Hawkins
*Waived (S)Brad Jones

*Acquired (S)Reggie Nelson from Jaguars in exchange for (CB)David Jones
*Claimed (QB)Dan LeFevour off waivers from Bears
*Placed (FB)Fui Vakapuna on Injured Reserve
*Released (QB)J.T. O’Sullivan
*Released (WR)Matt Jones
*Released (LB)Abdul Hodge
*Released (DT)Orien Harris
*Released (K)Dave Rayner
*Waived (RB)James Johnson
*Waived (RB)Cordera Eason off Injured Reserve
*Waived (FB)Joe Tronzo
*Waived (WR)Dezmon Briscoe
*Waived (WR)Maurice Purify
*Waived (TE)Chase Coffmans
*Waived (TE)Darius Hill
*Waived (OL)Otis Hudson
*Waived (OL)Isaac Sowells
*Waived (OL)Gabriel Manns
*Waived (OL)Chris Rodgers
*Waived (LB)Vincent Rey
*Waived (DT)Clinton McDonald
*Waived (CB)Johnny Sears
*Waived (S)Kyries Herbert
*Waived (S)Marvin White
*Waived (S)Rico Murray
*Waived (S)Jeromy Miles

*Signed UFA (CB)Derrick Roberson/Buccaneers
*Claimed (OL)Steve Vallos off waivers from Seahawks
*Re-Signed UFA (OL)Billy Yates
*Placed (RB)Montario Hardesty on Injured Reserve
*Released (WR)Bobby Engram
*Released (OL)Billy Yates
*Released (OL)Scott Kooistra
*Released (DE)C.J. Mosley
*Waived (QB)Brett Ratliff
*Waived (RB)Chris Jennings
*Waived (WR)Syndric Steptoe
*Waived (WR)Jake Allen
*Waived (TE)Greg Estandia
*Waived (TE)Joel Gamble
*Waived (OL)Pat Murray
*Waived (OL)Casey Bender
*Waived (OL)Joel Reinders
*Waived (OL)Paul Fanaika
*Waived (LB)David Veikune
*Waived (LB)Titus Brown
*Waived (DE)Clifton Geathers
*Waived (DE)Swanson Miller
*Waived (DE)Brian Sanford
*Waived (DT)Travis Ivey
*Waived (CB)Brandon McDonald
*Waived (CB)Coye Francies
*Waived (CB)Chris Chancellor
*Waived (S)Larry Asante
*Waived (S)DeAngelo Smith

*Released (TE)Sean McHugh
*Released (OL)Justin Hartwig
*Released (LB)Matt Stewart
*Waived (RB)Justin Vincent
*Waived (FB)Frank Summers
*Waived (WR)Stefan Logan
*Waived (WR)Brandon London
*Waived (WR)Tyler Grisham
*Waived (TE)Eugene Bright
*Waived (OL)Kraig Urbik
*Waived (OL)Kyle Jolly
*Waived (OL)Dorian Brooks
*Waived (LB)Patrick Bailey
*Waived (LB)Renauld Williams
*Waived (DE)Doug Worthington
*Waived (DE)Ra’Shon Harris
*Waived (DT)Scott Paxson
*Waived (DT)Steve McClendon
*Waived (CB)Joe Burnett
*Waived (S)Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith
*Waived (S)Justin Thornton

*Signed UFA (QB)Matt Leinart/Cardinals
*Signed UFA (RB)Derrick Ward/Buccaneers
*Claimed (LB)David Nixon off waivers from Raiders
*Claimed (CB)Jamar Wall off waivers from Cowboys
*Placed (RB)Jeremiah Johnson on Injured Reserve
*Placed (WR)Andre Davis on Injured Reserve
*Placed (TE)Anthony Hill on Reserve/PUP List
*Released (LB)Danny Clark
*Released (CB)Jacques Reeves
*Released (K)Kris Brown off Injured Reserve
*Waived (QB)John David Booty
*Waived (RB)Chris Henry
*Waived (FB)Isaiah Greenhouse
*Waived (FB)Jack Corcoran
*Waived (WR)Bobby Williams
*Waived (WR)Derrick Townsel
*Waived (TE)Derek Fine
*Waived (TE)Steve Maneri
*Waived (OL)Chris White
*Waived (OL)Adam Stenavich
*Waived (OL)Brett Helms
*Waived (OL)Cole Pemberton
*Waived (LB)Will Patterson
*Waived (DT)DelJuan Robinson
*Waived (DT)Malcolm Sheppard
*Waived (DT)Mitch Unrein
*Waived (CB)Mark Parson
*Waived (S)Torri Williams
*Waived (S)Nick Folk

*Acquired (CB)Justin Tryon from Redskins in exchange for Undisclosed Draft Pick
*Claimed (OL)Joe Reitz off waivers from Dolphins
*Placed (OL)Tony Ugoh on Injured Reserve
*Released (OL)Adam Terry
*Waived (QB)Tom Brandstater
*Waived (RB)Allen Patrick
*Waived (RB)Javarris James
*Waived (WR)Sam Giguere
*Waived (WR)Taj Smith off Injured Reserve
*Waived (WR)Brandon James
*Waived (WR)Blair White
*Waived (TE)Colin Cloherty
*Waived (OL)Adrian Martinez
*Waived (OL)Chris Marinelli
*Waived (OL)James Williams
*Waived (LB)Vuna Tuihalamaka
*Waived (DE)John Chick
*Waived (DE)Ervin Baldwin
*Waived (DT)Marlon Favorite
*Waived (CB)Ray Fisher
*Waived (CB)Terrail Lambert
*Waived (CB)Glenn Sharpe
*Waived (CB)Danny Gorrer
*Waived (S)Ashton Hall
*Waived (S)Mike Newton
*Waived (S)Terrell Skinner

*Acquired (CB)David Jones from Bengals in exchange for (S)Reggie Nelson
*Claimed (DT)Landon Cohen off waivers from Lions
*Re-Signed (OL)Uche Nwaneri to 5-Year Contract Extension
*Placed (WR)Jarret Dillard on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LB)Kyle Bosworth on Injured Reserve
*Signed (WR)John Matthews from Practice Squad
*Released (WR)Troy Williamson
*Released (TE)Ernest Wilford
*Released (OL)Paul McQuistan
*Released (OL)Kynan Forney
*Released (LB)Rod Wilson
*Released (LB)Tony Gilbert
*Released (LB)Teddy Lehman
*Released (DT)Attiyah Ellison
*Released (CB)Scott Starks
*Released (S)Gerald Alexander
*Waived (QB)Trevor Harris
*Waived (RB)Kolby Smith
*Waived (RB)Chad Kackert
*Waived (WR)John Matthews
*Waived (WR)Clarence Denmark
*Waived (TE)Mike Caussin
*Waived (OL)Bradley Vierling
*Waived (OL)Daniel Baldridge
*Waived (LB)Alvin Bowen
*Waived (DT)Jeremy Navarre
*Waived (DT)Walter Curry
*Waived (DT)Ko Quaye
*Waived (OL)Cecil Newton off Injured Reserve

*Claimed (LB)Tim Shaw off waivers from Bears
*Claimed (LB)Patrick Bailey off waivers from Steelers
*Announced Retirement of UFA (OL)Kevin Mawae
*Placed (LB)David Thornton on Reserve/PUP List
*Released (QB)Chris Simms
*Released (RB)Samkon Gado
*Released (RB)Alvin Pearman
*Released (TE)Sean Ryan
*Released (DE)Raheem Brock
*Released (CB)Tye Hill
*Waived (RB)LeGarrette Blount
*Waived (FB)Jed Collins
*Waived (WR)Dominique Edison
*Waived (WR)Paul Williams
*Waived (TE)Steven Pfahler
*Waived (OL)Michael Toudouze
*Waived (OL)Nevin McCaskill
*Waived (OL)Kevin Matthews
*Waived (OL)Nick Howell
*Waived (LB)Stanford Keglar
*Waived (LB)Patrick Trahan
*Waived (DE)Chris Harrington
*Waived (DE)Eric Bakhtiari
*Waived (DT)David Howard
*Waived (DT)Joe Joseph
*Waived (S)Myron Rolle

*Acquired (TE)Dan Gronkowski from Lions in exchange for (CB)Alphonso Smith
*Signed (DT)Kevin Vickerson/Seahawks
*Claimed (RB)Andre Brown off waivers from Giants
*Claimed (OL)Chris Clark off waivers from Broncos
*Placed (RB)LenDale White on Injured Reserve
*Placed (WR)Brandon Stokley on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LB)Elvis Dumervil on Injured Reserve
*Released (LB)Darrell Reid
*Released (LB)Baraka Atkins
*Released (DE)Jarvis Green
*Released (DT)LeKevin Smith
*Waived (RB)Bruce Hall
*Waived (WR)Britt Davis
*Waived (WR)Alric Arnett
*Waived (TE)Marquez Branson
*Waived (TE)Kory Sperry
*Waived (TE)Nathan Overbay
*Waived (TE)Riar Geer
*Waived (OL)Seth Olsen
*Waived (OL)Paul Duncan
*Waived (LB)Jammie Kirlew
*Waived (LB)Kevin Alexander
*Waived (LB)Johnny Williams
*Waived (LB)Worrell Williams
*Waived (DE)Ben Garland
*Waived (DT)Chris Baker
*Waived (DT)Jeff Stehle
*Waived (CB)Tony Carter off Injured Reserve
*Waived (S)Kyle McCarthy

*Acquired Undisclosed Draft Pick from Patriots in exchange for (S)Jarrad Page
*Claimed (DT)Anthony Toribio off waivers from Packers
*Re-Signed RFA (S)Jarrad Page
*Placed (WR)Jerheme Urban on Injured Reserve
*Placed (CB)Maurice Leggett on Injured Reserve
*Waived (QB)Tyler Palko
*Waived (RB)Javarris Williams
*Waived (WR)Quentin Lawrence
*Waived (WR)Verran Tucker
*Waived (WR)Rich Gunnell
*Waived (TE)Leroy Banks
*Waived (OL)Ikechuku Ndukwe
*Waived (OL)Dan Santucci
*Waived (OL)Colin Brown
*Waived (OL)Darryl Harris
*Waived (OL)Lemuel Jeanpierre
*Waived (LB)David Herron
*Waived (LB)Pierre Walters
*Waived (LB)John Russell
*Waived (LB)Bobby Greenwood
*Waived (DT)Derek Lokey
*Waived (DT)Garrett Brown
*Waived (DT)Dion Gales
*Waived (CB)Mike Richardson
*Waived (S)DaJuan Morgan
*Waived (S)Ricky Price

*Signed UFA (DT)Jay Alford/Giants
*Placed (DE)Jay Richardson on Injured Reserve
*Placed (DE)Alex Daniels on Injured Reserve
*Placed (CB)Joey Thomas on Injured Reserve
*Released (TE)John Owens
*Released (OL)Chris Morris
*Released (OL)Erik Pears
*Released (DT)William Joseph
*Released (DT)Chris Cooper
*Waived (QB)Colt Brennan
*Waived (WR)Shaun Bodiford
*Waived (WR)Todd Watkins
*Waived (OL)Brandon Rodd
*Waived (OL)Alex Parsons
*Waived (LB)David Nixon
*Waived (DE)Greyson Gunheim
*Waived (DT)Kellen Heard
*Waived (CB)Joe Porter
*Waived (S)Stevie Brown
*Waived (S)Jerome Boyd
*Waived (K)Swayze Waters

*Acquired (WR)Patrick Crayton from Cowboys in exchange for 2011 6th Round Draft Pick
*Signed UFA (QB)J.T. O’Sullivan/Bengals
*Signed UFA (OL)Adam Terry/Colts
*Released (WR)Josh Reed
*Released (CB)Nathan Vasher
*Released (K)Nick Novak
*Waived (QB)Jonathan Crompton
*Waived (RB)Curtis Brinkley
*Waived (RB)Shawnbrey McNeal
*Waived (FB)Billy Latsko
*Waived (FB)Richie Brockel
*Waived (WR)Seyi Ajirotutu
*Waived (WR)Jeremy Williams
*Waived (WR)Richard Goodman
*Waived (TE)Dedrick Epps
*Waived (OL)Cameron Stephenson
*Waived (OL)Ryan McDonald
*Waived (OL)Nick Richmond
*Waived (OL)Brady Bond
*Waived (OL)Ryan Otterson
*Waived (OL)Jeff Hansen
*Waived (LB)Mike Nixon
*Waived (LB)Kion Wilson
*Waived (DE)Derrick Jones
*Waived (CB)Brandon Hughes
*Waived (CB)Traye Simmons
*Waived (S)Quinton Teal
*Waived (P)Glenn Pakulak

Chicago Bears :
*Claimed (OL)Edwin Williams off waivers from Redskins

Washington Redskins :
*Re-Signed (QB)John Beck to 2-Year Contract Extension

Arizona Cardinals :
*Re-Signed (DT)Darnell Dockett to 4-Year Contract Extension

Seattle Seahawks :
*Signed UFA (DE)James Wyche/Texans
*Placed (CB)Josh Pinkard on Reserve/Non-Football Injury

Baltimore Ravens :
*Placed (FB)Mike McLaughlin on Injured Reserve

New York Giants :
*Placed (QB)Jim Sorgi on Injured Reserve
*Placed (WR)Sinorice Moss on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LB)Adrian Tracy on Injured Reserve
*Placed (OL)Kevin Boothe on Reserve/PUP

Philadelphia Eagles :
*Claimed (DE)Pannel Egboh off waivers from Texans
*Placed (DE)Victor Abiamiri on Reserve/PUP
*Placed (DE)Ricky Sapp on Injured Reserve

Washington Redskins :
*Placed (WR)Malcolm Kelly on Injured Reserve
*Released (LS)James Dearth
*Waived (OL)Edwin Williams
*Waived (DE)Hall Davis
*Waived (S)Lendy Holmes

Chicago Bears :
*Placed (FB)Will Taufoou on Injured Reserve

Detroit Lions :
*Placed (CB)Jack Williams on Reserve/PUP
*Acquired Undisclosed Future Draft Pick from Seahawks in exchange for (OL)Tyler Polumbus

Green Bay Packers :
*Placed (RB)James Starks on Reserve/PUP
*Placed (CB)Al Harris on Reserve/PUP
*Placed (S)Atari Bigby on Reserve/PUP
*Placed (RB)Quinn Porter on Injured Reserve

Minnesota Vikings :
*Placed (WR)Sidney Rice on Reserve/PUP
*Waived/Injured (LB)Jeremy Leman
*Waived (WR)Marko Mitchell

Atlanta Falcons :
*Waived (DT)Thomas Johnson
*Released (S)Matt Giordano

Carolina Panthers :
*Placed (WR)Wallace Wright on Injured Reserve
*Placed (DE)Hilee Taylor on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LB)Thomas Davis on Reserve/PUP
*Waived (WR)Dexter Jackson

New Orleans Saints :
*Waived (QB)Sean Canfield

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*NFL Suspended (CB)Aqib Talib 1 Game (Violation of League Personal Conduct Policy)
*Placed (LB)Jon Alston on Injured Reserve
*Released (RB)Derrick Ward
*Waived (WR)Terrence Nunn

Arizona Cardinals :
*Placed (LB)O’Brien Schofield on Reserve/PUP
*Placed (FB)Nehemiah Broughton on Injured Reserve
*Waived/Injured (WR)Darren Mougey

Seattle Seahawks :
*Acquired (OL)Tyler Polumbus from Lions in exchange for Undisclosed Future Draft Pick
*Acquired 2011 Conditional 5th Round Draft Pick from Ravens in exchange for (CB)Josh Wilson

Miami Dolphins :
*Placed (DE)Phillip Merling on Reserve/PUP
*Placed (OL)Nate Garner on Injured Reserve

New England Patriots :
*Placed (CB)Leigh Bodden on Injured Reserve
*Placed (DE)Darryl Richard on Injured Reserve
*Placed (S)Josh Barrett on Injured Reserve
*Placed (S)Bret Lockett on Injured Reserve

New York Jets :
*Claimed (LB)Ricky Foley off waivers from Seahawks
*Waived (QB)Kevin O’Connell

Baltimore Ravens :
*Acquired (CB)Josh Wilson from Seahawks in exchange for 2011 Conditional 5th Round Draft Pick
*Placed (LB)Brendon Ayanbadejo on Reserve/PUP
*Placed (RB)Matt Lawrence on Reserve/PUP

Cleveland Browns :
*Waived/Injured (DT)Titus Adams
*Waived (WR)Taurus Johnson
*Waived (CB)Gerard Lawson
*Waived (CB)John Bowie

Pittsburgh Steelers :
*Placed (OL)Chris Scott on Reserve/PUP
*Waived (FB)Dwayne Wright
*Waived (OL)Adrian Jones
*Waived (LB)Brandon Renkart
*Waived (CB)David Pittman

Jacksonville Jaguars :
*Placed (DT)D’Anthony Smith on Injured Reserve
*Placed (OL)John Estes on Injured Reserve
*Waived (OL)Cecil Newton
*Waived (DE)Julius Williams

Tennessee Titans :
*Waived/Injured (LB)Mike Rivera
*Waived/Injured (DT)Kareem Brown
*Waived (CB)Pete Ittersagen
*Waived (P)Ricky Schmitt

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Waived (WR)Lance Long

Oakland Raiders :
*Waived (TE)Eric Butler

San Diego Chargers :
*Claimed (CB)Fred Bennett off waivers from Texans
*Signed FA (P)Glenn Pakulak/Redskins
*Placed (LB)Donald Butler on Injured Reserve
*Released (DE)Ryon Bingham
*Waived (RB)Marcus Mason
*Waived (WR)Gary Banks
*Waived (LB)Darry Beckwith

Dallas Cowboys :
*Waived (S)Pat Watkins
*Placed (TE)John Phillips on Injured Reserve
*Placed (LB)Stephen Hodge on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List

Philadelphia Eagles :
*Acquired (CB)Jorrick Calvin from Cardinals in exchange for (FB)Charles Scott

Washington Redskins :
*Acquired (DE)Hall Davis from Rams in exchange for (FB)Dennis Morris

Chicago Bears :
*Waived (QB)Matt Gutierrez
*Waived (DE)Maurice Evans

Detroit Lions :
*Signed UFA (LB)Rocky Boiman/Steelers
*Waived/Injured (FB)Jake Nordin
*Waived (WR)Eric Fowler

Carolina Panthers :
*Signed UFA (OL)Tim Duckworth/Saints

Arizona Cardinals :
*Acquired (FB)Charles Scott from Eagles in exchange for (CB)Jorrick Calvin
*Signed UFA (WR)Isaiah Williams/Steelers
*Waived (TE)Dominique Byrd

St. Louis Rams :
*Acquired (FB)Dennis Morris from Redskins in exchange for (DE)Hall Davis
*Waived/Injured (OL)Phil Trautwein

Seattle Seahawks :
*Placed (DT)Jonathan Lewis on Injured Reserve
*Waived (LB)Ricky Foley
*Waived (WR)Kole Heckendorf

Buffalo Bills :
*Waived (TE)Michael Matthews
*Waived (OL)Kyle Calloway
*Waived (DT)Lonnie Harvey

Miami Dolphins :
*Waived/Injured (TE)Joey Haynos

Baltimore Ravens :
*Waived (CB)Doug Dutch
*Placed (OL)Daniel Sanders on Injured Reserve
*Placed (S)Marcus Paschal on Injured Reserve

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Waived (LB)Rashad Jeanty
*Placed (S)Tom Nelson on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List
*NFL Suspended (WR)Maurice Purify 1 Game (Violating League Personal Conduct Policy)

Houston Texans :
*Placed (WR)Trindon Holliday on Injured Reserve

Indianapolis Colts :
*Placed (CB)Kevin Thomas on Injured Reserve

Denver Broncos :
*Released (RB)Justin Fargas
*Waived/Injured (CB)Tony Carter

Oakland Raiders :
*Released (TE)Tony Stewart
*Waived (WR)Paul Hubbard

Philadelphia Eagles :
*Waived (OL)Greg Isdaner

New Orleans Saints :
*Re-Signed UFA (DT)Kendrick Clancy

St. Louis Rams :
*Placed (WR)Donnie Avery on Injured Reserve
*Waived (CB)Marcus Brown

New York Jets :
*Released (WR)Laveranues Coles
*Waived (WR)Aundrae Allison
*Waived (WR)Marcus Henry
*Waived (DE)Rodrique Wright

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Released (WR)Antonio Bryant
*Placed (S)Gibril Wilson on Injured Reserve

Houston Texans :
*Waived (CB)Fred Bennett
*Waived (DE)Pannel Egboh

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Waived (RB)Kestahn Moore

San Francisco 49ers :
*Re-Signed Franchise Free Agent (DT)Aubrayo Franklin

Indianapolis Colts :
*Claimed (CB)Danny Gorrer off waivers from Saints
*Placed (CB)Marcus McCauley on Injured Reserve
*Waived (WR)Dudley Guice

Detroit Lions :
*Signed FA (S)John Wendling/Bills
*Placed (DE)Jared DeVries on Injured Reserve
*Waived/Injured (S)David Roach

New Orleans Saints :
*Waived (WR)Rod Harper
*Waived (OL)Tim Duckworth
*Waived (CB)Danny Gorrer

Miami Dolphins :
*Released (OL)Randy Thomas off Injured Reserve