Dallas Cowboys :
*Signed 6th Round Draft Pick/#179 (OL)Sam Young
*Signed 7th Round Draft Pick/#234 (DT)Sean Lissemore

Arizona Cardinals :
*Signed 5th Round Draft Pick/#155 (QB)John Skelton
*Waived (S)Herana-Daze Jones

Cleveland Browns :
*Signed 5th Round Draft Pick/#160 (S)Larry Asante
*Waived (TE)Greg Estandia

Houston Texans :
*Signed 7th Round Draft Pick/#227 (WR)Dorin Dickerson

Jacksonville Jaguars :
*Signed 5th Round Draft Pick/#153 (DE)Austen Lane

Tennessee Titans :
*Signed UFA (TE)Sean Ryan/Redskins
*Signed 3rd Round Draft Pick/#97 (LB)Rennie Curran

Oakland Raiders :
*Signed 7th Round Draft Pick/#215 (CB)Jeremy Ware


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