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Philadelphia Eagles :
*Re-Signed RFA (LB)Chris Gocong
*Re-Signed RFA (CB)Ellis Hobbs

St. Louis Rams :
*Re-Signed RFA (DE)Victor Adeyanju

San Francisco 49ers :
*Re-Signed UFA (K)Shane Andrus

Houston Texans :
*Re-Signed RFA (LB)DeMeco Ryans (6-Year Contract Extension)

Tennessee Titans :
*Signed UFA (CB)Tye Hill/Falcons

Denver Broncos :
*Signed (K)Jason Elam to 1-Day Contract to Retire

Oakland Raiders :
*Re-Signed RFA (S)Hiram Eugene

Washington Redskins :
*Signed UFA (CB)Phillip Buchanon/Lions

Chicago Bears :
*Re-Signed ERFA (RB)Kahlil Bell
*Re-Signed ERFA (LB)Tim Shaw
*Re-Signed ERFA (DT)Matt Toeaina

Detroit Lions :
*Re-Signed RFA (OL)Daniel Loper
*Re-Signed RFA (OL)Manny Ramirez

Carolina Panthers :
*Re-Signed ERFA (WR)Kenneth Moore
*Re-Signed ERFA (WR)Charly Martin
*Re-Signed ERFA (LB)Jordan Senn
*Re-Signed ERFA (DT)Nick Hayden

New Orleans Saints :
*Re-Signed RFA (DE)Jeff Charleston

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*Re-Signed UFA (LB)Angelo Crowell
*Re-Signed RFA (WR)Mark Bradley

Arizona Cardinals :
*Re-Signed RFA (WR)Steve Breaston
*Re-Signed RFA (OL)Lyle Sendlein
*Re-Signed RFA (DT)Gabe Watson
*Re-Signed UFA (LB)Monty Beisel
*Re-Signed ERFA (CB)Michael Adams

Seattle Seahawks :
*Signed UFA (WR)Sean Morey/Cardinals

Buffalo Bills :
*Re-Signed FA (WR)Felton Huggins
*Re-Signed RFA (LB)Keith Ellison
*Re-Signed RFA (S)George Wilson
*Re-Signed ERFA (TE)Jonathan Stupar
*Re-Signed ERFA (S)Cary Harris

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Re-Signed RFA (LB)Abdul Hodge
*Re-Signed ERFA (QB)Jordan Palmer
*Re-Signed ERFA (OL)Nate Livings
*Re-Signed ERFA (OL)Dennis Roland
*Re-Signed ERFA (S)Kyries Herbert

Houston Texans :
*Re-Signed RFA (DE)Tim Bulman

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Re-Signed ERFA (LB)Andy Studebaker

San Diego Chargers :
*Signed UFA (CB)Nathan Vasher/Bears
*Re-Signed ERFA (FB)Mike Tolbert

Dallas Cowboys :
*Re-Signed RFA (OL)Cory Proctor

Pittsburgh Steelers :
*Re-Signed UFA (QB)Charlie Batch

Washington Redskins :
*Re-Signed RFA (LB)Chris Wilson

St. Louis Rams :
*Re-Signed ERFA (WR)Jordan Kent

Baltimore Ravens :
*Re-Signed ERFA (RB)Matt Lawrence

New York Giants :
*Re-Signed RFA (DE)Dave Tollefson

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Re-Signed RFA (LB)Derrick Johnson

Philadelphia Eagles :
*Signed RFA (RB)Mike Bell/Saints

Washington Redskins :
*Signed UFA (P)Josh Bidwell/Buccaneers

Detroit Lions :
*Re-Signed RFA (DE)Jason Hunter

Arizona Cardinals :
*Signed FA (WR)Darren Mougey/Falcons
*Re-Signed RFA (TE)Ben Patrick
*Re-Signed ERFA (FB)Nehemiah Broughton

New York Jets :
*Re-Signed RFA (OL)Wayne Hunter

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Re-Signed RFA (LB)Rashad Jeanty

Denver Broncos :
*Re-Signed RFA (OL)Chris Kuper

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Re-Signed ERFA (FB)Mike Cox
*Re-Signed RFA (OL)Ikechuku Ndukwe

Oakland Raiders :
*Re-Signed RFA (FB)Luke Lawton
*Re-Signed RFA (LB)Ricky Brown

Philadelphia Eagles :
*Re-Signed RFA (OL)Nick Cole
*Re-Signed RFA (LB)Akeem Jordan

Arizona Cardinals :
*Re-Signed UFA (CB)Hamza Abdullah

St. Louis Rams :
*Signed UFA (TE)Darcy Johnson/Giants
*Signed UFA (CB)Kevin Dockery/Giants
*Re-Signed UFA (DE)James Hall

San Francisco 49ers :
*Re-Signed UFA (OL)Barry Sims

Miami Dolphins :
*Re-Signed ERFA (WR)Davone Bess
*Re-Signed ERFA (TE)Joey Haynos
*Re-Signed ERFA (K)Dan Carpenter

New York Jets :
*Re-Signed RFA (WR)Braylon Edwards
*Re-Signed RFA (WR)Brad Smith
*Re-Signed RFA (S)James Ihedigbo
*Re-Signed ERFA (WR)David Clowney

Baltimore Ravens :
*Signed UFA (DE)Cory Redding/Seahawks

Oakland Raiders :
*Re-Signed UFA (DT)William Joseph

San Diego Chargers :
*Waived (WR)Demetrius Byrd