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New Orleans Saints :
*Re-Signed (WR)Matt Simon to F.C.
*Re-Signed (TE)Tyler Lorenzen to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Jeremy Parnell to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Greg Fassitt to F.C.

Seattle Seahawks :
*Signed (LB)Ricky Foley/CFL to F.C.
*Signed (P)Tom Malone/Patriots to F.C.

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Signed (K)Dave Rayner/Redskins to F.C.

Washington Redskins :
*Signed (K)Justin Medlock/Rams to F.C.

Miami Dolphins :
*Released (LB)Joey Porter

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Signed (WR)Matt Jones/Jaguars

*This is a page where there will be a list of players either on the free agent market, or mentioned in trade rumors, and next to these players names will be the teams that have rumored interest in these players or vice versa. Please feel free to help out with this page.

– Ravens (QB)Troy Smith : Browns, Bills, Raiders (Signed w/ 49ers)
– Dolphins (QB)Chad Pennington : Cardinals, Jets, Buccaneers, Redskins (Re-Signed)
– Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb : Vikings, Bills, Rams, Raiders (Traded to Redskins)
– Redskins (QB)Jason Campbell : Bills, Panthers, Raiders, Jaguars (Traded to Raiders)
– Vikings (QB)Sage Rosenfels : Raiders, Cardinals (Traded to Giants)
– Texans (QB)Rex Grossman : Redskins (Signed w/ Redskins)
– Dolphins (QB)Tyler Thigpen : Bills
– Raiders (QB)JaMarcus Russell : Colts, Bengals, Jets, Cardinals
– Chargers (QB)Charlie Whitehurst : Cardinals, Seahawks (Traded to Seahawks)
– Eagles (QB)Kevin Kolb : Rams, Seahawks (Re-Signed to 1-Year Contract Extension)
– Buccaneers (QB)Byron Leftwich : Steelers (Traded to Steelers)
– Rams (QB)Marc Bulger : Lions, Cardinals, Bears, Eagles, Vikings (Signed w/ Ravens)
– Panthers (QB)Jake Delhomme : Browns, Saints, Packers, Broncos (Signed w/ Browns)
– Giants (QB)David Carr : Cardinals, 49ers, Browns (Signed w/ 49ers)
– Browns (QB)Derek Anderson : Cardinals, Bills, Seahawks, Raiders (Signed w/ Cardinals)
– Lions (QB)Daunte Culpepper : Bills (Signed w/ UFL)
– Chiefs (QB)Brodie Croyle : Bills
– Saints (QB)Mark Brunell : Giants, Jets (Signed w/ Jets)
– Broncos (QB)Chris Simms : Redskins, Bears, Titans (Signed w/ Titans)
– Eagles (QB)Jeff Garcia : Giants (Signed w/ UFL)
– Seahawks (QB)Seneca Wallace : Browns (Traded to Browns)
– Colts (QB)Jim Sorgi : Giants (Signed w/ Giants)
– Panthers (QB)Josh McCown : Saints, Bears (Signed w/ UFL)
– 49ers (QB)Jarrett Brown : Giants, Bengals, Steelers
– Packers (QB)Matt Flynn : Browns
– Lions (QB)Patrick Ramsey : Titans, Saints (Signed w/ Saints)
– Chargers (RB)LaDainian Tomlinson : Saints, Eagles, Vikings, Jets (Signed w/ Jets)
– Jets (RB)Thomas Jones : Texans, Browns, Seahawks, Chiefs (Signed w/ Chiefs)
– Chargers (RB)Darren Sproles : 49ers, Redskins (Re-Signed)
– Steelers (RB)Willie Parker : Buccaneers, Redskins, Rams (Signed w/ Redskins)
– Eagles (RB)Brian Westbrook : Packers, Rams, Redskins, Broncos (Signed w/ 49ers)
– Bills (RB)Marshawn Lynch : Seahawks, Packers, Eagles (Traded to Seahawks)
– Bengals (RB)Larry Johnson : Raiders, Redskins (Signed w/ Redskins)
– Vikings (RB)Chester Taylor : Bears, Chiefs, Chargers, Redskins (Signed w/ Bears)
– Ravens (RB)Willis McGahee : Lions
– Jets (RB)Leon Washington : Patriots, 49ers (Re-Signed)
– Broncos (RB)Justin Fargas : Colts
– Seahawks (RB)LenDale White : Rams, Texans, Saints (Signed w/ Broncos)
– Chargers (RB)Michael Bennett : Raiders (Signed w/ Raiders)
– Redskins (RB)Ladell Betts : Broncos, Saints (Signed w/ Saints)
– Browns (RB)Jamal Lewis : Saints
– Broncos (RB)Tatum Bell : Titans
– Packers (RB)DeShawn Wynn : Seahawks, Browns, Giants, Bengals (Signed w/Saints)
– Redskins (RB)Quinton Ganther : Seahawks (Signed w/ Seahawks)
– Saints (RB)Mike Bell : Seahawks, Browns, Eagles (Signed w/ Eagles)
– Bears (RB)Adrian Peterson : Titans, Broncos (Signed w/ Seahawks)
– Colts (RB)Chad Simpson : Saints (Signed w/ Bills)
– Broncos (RB)Ryan Torain : Redskins, Rams (Signed w/ Redskins)
– Eagles (RB)Tony Hunt : Giants
– Seahawks (FB)Owen Schmitt : Bengals (Signed w/ Eagles)
– Panthers (FB)Brad Hoover : Saints
– Vikings (FB)Naufahu Tahi : Bengals (Re-Signed)
– Bears (FB)Jason McKie : Rams (Signed w/ Saints)
– Seahawks (FB)Justin Griffith : Texans (Signed w/ Saints)
– Saints (FB)Kyle Eckel : Bills (Signed w/ Broncos)
– Seahawks (FB)Tyler Roehl : Vikings
– Broncos (WR)Brandon Marshall : Redskins, Dolphins, Seahawks (Traded to Dolphins)
– Cardinals (WR)Anquan Boldin : Ravens, Titans, Chiefs, Dolphins, Bears (Traded to Ravens)
– Chargers (WR)Malcom Floyd : Ravens (Re-Signed)
– Jaguars (WR)Torry Holt : Bears, Browns (Signed w/ Patriots)
– Chargers (WR)Vincent Jackson : Redskins, Bears, Seahawks, Rams
– Ravens (WR)Derrick Mason : Raiders, Patriots, Dolphins (Re-Signed)
– Chiefs (WR)Chris Chambers : Bills, Bengals (Re-Signed)
– Chargers (WR)Kassim Osgood : Patriots, Jaguars (Signed w/ Jaguars)
– Cowboys (WR)Patrick Crayton : Chiefs (Traded to Chargers)
– Bengals (WR)Laveranues Coles : Jets, Browns (Signed w/ Jets)
– Texans (WR)Kevin Walter : Jaguars, Ravens, Bengals (Re-Signed)
– Bills (WR)Terrell Owens : Bengals, Raiders, Redskins, Seahawks (Signed w/ Bengals)
– Buccaneers (WR)Antonio Bryant : Dolphins, Raiders, Bengals, Redskins (Signed w/ Bengals)
– Browns (WR)Donte Stallworth : Lions, Dolphins, Bengals, Rams, Ravens (Signed w/ Ravens)
– Ravens (WR)Demetrius Williams : Rams
– Eagles : (WR)Kevin Curtis : Rams, Bears
– Seahawks (WR)Deion Branch : Patriots, Broncos
– Bills (WR)Josh Reed : Bengals, Patriots, Panthers (Signed w/ Chargers)
– Colts (WR)Hank Baskett : Rams, Bears, Eagles (Signed w/ Eagles)
– Browns (WR)Mike Furrey : Bears (Signed w/ Redskins)
– Buccaneers (WR)Michael Clayton : Bears
– Ravens (WR)Kelley Washington : Bills, Eagles, Redskins, Browns (Signed w/ Eagles)
– Raiders (WR)Javon Walker : Jaguars (Signed w/ Vikings)
– 49ers (WR)Arnaz Battle : Steelers, Seahawks (Signed w/ Steelers)
– Jaguars (WR)Matt Jones : Titans, Bengals (Signed w/ Bengals)
– Cardinals (WR)Sean Morey : Seahawks (Signed w/ Seahawks)
– Rams (WR)Keenan Burton : Giants, Bears
– Jaguars (WR)Reggie Williams : Seahawks (Signed w/ Seahawks)
– 49ers (WR)Jason Hill : Seahawks, Rams (Re-Signed)
– Titans (WR)Mike Williams : Seahawks (Signed w/ Seahawks)
– Buccaneers (WR)Reggie Brown : Vikings
– Jaguars (WR)Jerry Porter : Redskins
– Panthers (WR)Dexter Jackson : Lions, Bengals
– Raiders (WR)Arman Shields : Falcons
– Texans (TE)Owen Daniels : Patriots (Re-Signed)
– Bears (TE)Greg Olsen : Patriots, Rams
– Broncos (TE)Tony Scheffler : Rams, Bengals, Patriots (Traded to Lions)
– Patriots (TE)Ben Watson : Chiefs, Seahawks, Browns (Signed w/ Browns)
– Titans (TE)Alge Crumpler : Patriots (Signed w/ Patriots)
– Chargers (TE)Brandon Manumaleuna : Bears, Ravens (Signed w/ Bears)
– Patriots (TE)Chris Baker : Bengals, Seahawks, 49ers (Signed w/ Seahawks)
– Bengals (TE)Ben Utecht : Ravens
– Cardinals (TE)Anthony Becht : Raiders, 49ers (Re-Signed)
– Bengals (TE)J.P Foschi : Patriots (Signed w/ Bills)
– Cowboys (OL)Flozell Adams : Bears, Redskins, Broncos, Bills, Steelers (Signed w/ Steelers)
– Jets (OL)Alan Faneca : Bears, Texans, Cardinals (Signed w/ Cardinals)
– Buccaneers (OL)Donald Penn : Cowboys (Re-Signed to 6-Year Contract Extension)
– Saints (OL)Jammal Brown : Cowboys, Redskins, Bills (Traded to Redskins)
– Titans (OL)Kevin Mawae : Broncos, Redskins (Retired)
– Dolphins (OL)Justin Smiley : Colts, Seahawks, Bears (Traded to Jaguars)
– Steelers (OL)Justin Hartwig : Bengals
– 49ers (OL)Tony Pashos : Broncos, Redskins (Signed w/ Browns)
– Bills (OL)Richie Incognito : Dolphins, Bengals, Colts (Signed w/ Dolphins)
– Colts (OL)Ryan Lilja : Chiefs (Signed w/ Chiefs)
– Cowboys (OL)Cory Procter : Broncos, Patriots, Dolphins (Signed w/ Dolphins)
– Ravens (OL)Jared Gaither :49ers, Cowboys, Redskins, Bills (Re-Signed)
– Seahawks (OL)Rob Sims : Browns, Bears, Lions, Eagles (Traded to Lions)
– Broncos (OL)Casey Wiegmann : Redskins (Signed w/ Chiefs)
– Texans (OL)Chester Pitts : Lions, 49ers, Seahawks, Vikings, Eagles (Signed w/ Seahawks)
– Panthers (OL)Keydrick Vincent : Saints (Signed w/ Buccaneers)
– Ravens (OL)Chris Chester : Redskins, Seahawks (Re-Signed)
– Browns (OL)Hank Fraley : Eagles, Rams, Steelers, Chiefs (Signed w/ Rams)
– Cowboys (OL)Montrae Holland : Redskins, Buccaneers (Re-Signed)
– 49ers (OL)Barry Sims : Seahawks, Redskins (Re-Signed)
– Eagles (OL)Stacy Andrews : Bears (Signed w/ Giants)
– Vikings (OL)Artis Hicks : Cardinals, Redskins, Lions (Signed w/ Redskins)
– Ravens (OL)Adam Terry : Colts, Dolphins (Signed w/ Colts)
– Browns (OL)Rex Hadnot : Broncos, Cardinals (Signed w/ Cardinals)
– Broncos (OL)Ben Hamilton : Seahawks (Signed w/ Seahawks)
– Chiefs (OL)Wade Smith : Bills, Texans, Cardinals (Signed w/ Texans)
– Lions (OL)Daniel Loper : Titans (Signed w/ Raiders)
– Saints (OL)Jamar Nesbit : Bears
– Steelers (OL)Darnell Stapleton : Giants, Patriots (Signed w/ Patriots)
– Bills (OL)Kendall Simmons : Cardinals
– Bears (OL)Josh Beekman : Texans, Seahawks
– Chargers (LB)Shawne Merriman : Cardinals, Dolphins, Packers, 49ers, Saints
– Bills (LB)Aaron Schobel : Texans, Patriots, Seahawks (Retired)
– Patriots (LB)Adalius Thomas : Jets, Bengals, Jaguars, Dolphins, Packers
– Raiders (LB)Kirk Morrison : Patriots, Giants (Traded to Jaguars)
– Dolphins (LB)Joey Porter : Cardinals, 49ers, Packers, Bills, Redskins (Signed w/ Cardinals)
– Cardinals (LB)Karlos Dansby : Giants, Dolphins, Redskins, Colts (Signed w/ Dolphins)
– Giants (LB)Antonio Pierce : Rams, Cardinals (Retired)
– Saints (LB)Scott Fujita : Browns (Signed w/ Browns)
– Lions (LB)Larry Foote : Redskins, Cardinals, Steelers (Signed w/ Steelers)
– Rams (LB)Paris Lenon : Cardinals (Signed w/ Cardinals)
– Broncos (LB)Andra Davis : Bills (Signed w/ Bills)
– Jaguars (LB)Clint Ingram : Saints (Signed w/ Saints)
– Titans (LB)Keith Bulluck : Colts, Lions, Giants (Signed w/ Giants)
– Eagles (LB)Chris Gocong : Browns (Traded to Browns)
– Eagles (LB)Will Witherspoon : Titans (Signed w/ Titans)
– Jets (LB)Marques Murrell : Broncos, Patriots (Signed w/ Patriots)
– Dolphins (LB)Akin Ayodele : 49ers, Saints, Cardinals, Lions (Signed w/ Broncos)
– Panthers (LB)Landon Johnson : Lions (Signed w/ Lions)
– Bengals (LB)Rashad Jeanty : Dolphins (Re-Signed)
– Seahawks (LB)Lance Laury : Jets (Signed w/ Jets)
– Jaguars (LB)Brian Iwuh : Giants, Bears (Signed w/ Bears)
– Panthers (LB)Na’il Diggs : Rams (Signed w/ Rams)
– Raiders (LB)Jon Alston : Jets, Buccaneers (Signed w/ Buccaneers)
– Bills (LB)Teddy Lehman : Jaguars (Signed w/ Jaguars)
– Redskins (LB)Marcus Washington : Packers
– Panthers (DE)Julius Peppers : Eagles, Bears, Buccaneers, Redskins (Signed w/ Bears)
– Giants (DE)Osi Umenyiora : Rams, Panthers, Dolphins
– Dolphins (DE)Jason Taylor : Patriots, Jets (Signed w/ Jets)
– Packers (DE)Aaron Kampman : Bears, Eagles, Jaguars (Signed w/ Jaguars)
– Bears (DE)Adewale Ogunleye : Patriots, Texans (Signed w/ Texans)
– Chiefs (DE)Glenn Dorsey : Lions
– Broncos (DE)Vonnie Holliday : Seahawks (Signed w/ Redskins)
– Vikings (DE)Ray Edwards : Eagles, Saints (Re-Signed)
– Bears (DE)Alex Brown : Seahawks, Saints, Panthers, Buccaneers (Signed w/ Saints)
– Patriots (DE)Jarvis Green : Broncos, Chiefs, Dolphins (Signed w/ Broncos)
– Broncos (DE)Elvis Dumervil : Dolphins (Re-Signed)
– Titans (DE)Kyle Vanden Bosch : Lions, Bears (Signed w/ Lions)
– Rams (DE)Leonard Little : Redskins, Saints
– Buccaneers (DE)Jimmy Wilkerson : Rams, Saints, Seahawks (Signed w/ Saints)
– Packers (DE)Michael Montgomery : Vikings (Signed w/ Vikings)
– Steelers (DE)Nick Eason : Cardinals (Re-Signed)
– Panthers (DE)Tyler Brayton : Seahawks (Re-Signed)
– Jets (DE)Marques Douglas : Panthers, Buccaneers, Patriots, Dolphins (Signed w/ Dolphins)
– Ravens (DE)Dwan Edwards : Seahawks, Broncos, Bills (Signed w/ Bills)
– Broncos (DE)LeKevin Smith : Chiefs, Patriots (Re-Signed)
– Jaguars (DE)Reggie Hayward : Rams (Re-Signed)
– Lions (DE)Jared DeVries : Jaguars (Re-Signed)
– Colts (DE)Raheem Brock : Texans (Signed w/ Titans)
– Saints (DE)Charles Grant : Panthers (Signed w/ Dolphins)
– Lions (DE)Dewayne White : Texans
– Jaguars (DE)James Wyche : Texans (Signed w/ Texans)
– Saints (DE)Bobby McCray : Raiders
– Rams (DE)James Hall : Saints (Re-Signed)
– Cardinals (DE)Travis LaBoy : Jets, 49ers, Patriots, Dolphins (Signed w/ 49ers)
– Browns (DE)Santonio Thomas : Giants
– 49ers (DE)Roderick Green : Seahawks
– Redskins (DT)Albert Haynesworth : Titans, Broncos, Lions, Saints, Vikings, Seahawks, Raiders
– Patriots (DT)Vince Wilfork : Dolphins, Buccaneers (Franchise Tag / Re-Signed)
– Ravens (DT)Justin Bannan : Bills (Signed w/ Broncos)
– Jaguars (DT)John Henderson : Saints, Browns, Falcons, Chiefs, Giants, Eagles (Signed w/ Raiders)
– Rams (DT)Adam Carriker : Redskins (Traded to Redskins)
– Saints (DT)Anthony Hargrove : Lions (Re-Signed)
– Giants (DT) Fred Robbins : Rams (Signed w/ Rams)
– Chargers (DT)Jamal Williams : Saints, Broncos (Signed w/ Broncos)
– Saints (DT)Kendrick Clancy : Chiefs, Texans
– Redskins (DT)Anthony Montgomery : Ravens
– Lions (DT)Grady Jackson : Chargers, Raiders
– Panthers (DT)Maake Kemoeatu : Redskins, Saints (Signed w/ Redskins)
– Vikings (DT)Jimmy Kennedy : Bills (Re-Signed)
– Jets (DT)Howard Green : Redskins (Signed w/ Redskins)
– Colts (DT)Quinn Pitcock : Seahawks (Signed w/ Seahawks)
– Jaguars (DT)Greg Peterson : Redskins (Signed w/ Redskins)
– Rams (DT)LaJuan Ramsey : Seahawks
– Patriots (CB)Leigh Bodden : Texans, Steelers, Seahawks (Re-Signed)
– Texans (CB)Dunta Robinson : Falcons (Signed w/ Falcons)
– Steelers (CB)Deshea Townsend : Patriots (Signed w/ Colts)
– Colts (CB)Marlin Jackson : Vikings, Ravens, Eagles, Jets (Signed w/ Eagles)
– Chargers (CB)Antonio Cromartie : Cowboys, Vikings, Lions, Jets (Traded to Jets)
– Seahawks (CB)Ken Lucas : Titans, Ravens
– Lions (CB)Will James : Seahawks, Bears, 49ers, Cardinals (Signed w/ 49ers)
– Chargers (CB)Nathan Vasher : Lions (Signed w/ Lions)
– Giants (CB)Kevin Dockery : Rams (Signed w/ Rams)
– Falcons (CB)Tye Hill : Titans, Vikings (Signed w/ Titans)
– Jets (CB)Lito Sheppard : Bears, Lions, Raiders, Vikings (Signed w/ Vikings)
– Panthers (CB)Dante Wesley : Lions (Signed w/ Lions)
– Ravens (CB)Frank Walker : Texans, Rams, Jaguars, Raiders, Dolphins
– Falcons (CB)Chevis Jackson : Ravens
– 49ers (CB)Walt Harris : Ravens (Signed w/ Ravens)
– Broncos (CB)Ty Law : Seahawks
– Rams (CB)Jonathan Wade : Lions (Signed w/ Lions)
– Lions (CB)Phillip Buchanon : Vikings, Bengals, Redskins (Signed w/ Redskins)
– 49ers (CB)Marcus Hudson : Panthers (Signed w/ Panthers)
– Cowboys (CB)Adam Jones : Bengals, 49ers, Lions, Saints (Signed w/ Bengals)
– Jets (CB)Justin Miller : Cardinals (Signed w/ Cardinals)
– Seahawks (CB)Travis Fisher : Ravens (Signed w/ Ravens)
– Rams (S)O.J. Atogwe : Dolphins, Cowboys, Eagles, Jaguars, Vikings, Lions (Re-Signed)
– Steelers (S)Ryan Clark : Vikings, Bears, Dolphins (Re-Signed)
– Colts (S)Antoine Bethea : Giants, Dolphins (Re-Signed)
– Cardinals (S)Antrel Rolle : Dolphins, Bears, Redskins (Signed w/ Giants)
– Saints (S)Darren Sharper : Giants, Dolphins, Bears, Jets, Jaguars, Cowboys (Re-Signed)
– Eagles (S)Sean Jones : Buccaneers, Titans (Signed w/ Buccaneers)
– Dolphins (S)Gibril Wilson : Buccaneers, Titans, Bengals (Signed w/ Bengals)
– Chiefs (S)Mike Brown : Cardinals
– Cowboys (S)Ken Hamlin : Bengals, Ravens (Signed w/ Ravens)
– Seahawks (S)Deon Grant : Bears (Signed w/ Giants)
– Chiefs (S)Jarrad Page – Lions (Traded to Patriots)
– Ravens (S)Dawan Landry : Jets, Seahawks (Re-Signed)
– Jets (S)Kerry Rhodes : Giants, Ravens (Traded to Cardinals)
– Browns (S)Brodney Pool :Rams, Jets, Dolphins, Buccaneers (Signed w/ Jets)
– Giants (S)C.C. Brown : Bengals (Signed w/ Lions)
– Cardinals (S)Matt Ware : Seahawks (Re-Signed)
– Texans (S)John Busing : Giants, Browns (Signed w/ Giants)
– Giants (S)Aaron Rouse : Titans (Signed w/ Cardinals)
– Browns (S)Tra Battle : Titans
– Bengals (K)Shayne Graham : Ravens (Signed w/ Ravens)
– Cardinals (K)Neil Rackers : Ravens, Jets, Bengals (Signed w/ Texans)
– Colts (K)Matt Stover : Cowboys, Ravens
– Jets (K)Jay Feely : Cardinals (Signed w/ Cardinals)
– Panthers (K)Rhys Lloyd : Vikings, Giants (Signed w/ Vikings)
– Cowboys (K)Nick Folk : Giants, Jets (Signed w/ Jets)
– Cardinals (K)Mike Nugent : Browns (Signed w/ Bengals)
– Chiefs (K)Nick Novak : Browns (Signed w/ Chargers)
– Rams (LS)Ryan Neill : Giants (Signed w/ Chargers)

New York Giants :
*Released (LB)Antonio Pierce

Atlanta Falcons :
*Re-Signed UFA (WR)Brian Finneran to 1-Year Contract Extension

Seattle Seahawks :
*Signed (LS)Patrick McDonald/Panthers to F,C.

Miami Dolphins :
*Waived (WR)Brennan Marion

Indianapolis Colts :
*Re-Signed (QB)Drew Willy to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Taj Smith to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)John Matthews to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Jaimie Thomas to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Brandon Renkart to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Terrail Lambert to F.C.

Jacksonville Jaguars :
*Released (WR)Torry Holt
*Released (OL)Tra Thomas
*Released (DT)Rob Meier

Seattle Seahawks :
*Signed (LS)Matthew Overton to F.C.

Pittsburgh Steelers :
*Signed (CB)David Pittman/Texans to F.C.

San Diego Chargers :
*Re-Signed (LB)Darry Beckwith to F.C.

Detroit Lions :
*Signed (RB)DeDe Dorsey/Bengals to F.C.

Atlanta Falcons :
*Released (S)Eric Brock
*Released (DE)Maurice Lucas

Seattle Seahawks :
*Announced retirement of (OL)Walter Jones

Cleveland Browns :
*Signed (CB)John Bowie/Raiders to F.C.

Pittsburgh Steelers :
*Signed (WR)Brandon London/Dolphins to F.C.
*Signed (P)Adam Graessle/Packers to F.C.

Now that we all saw the Saints defeat the Colts 31-17 in the Super Bowl, today marks the first day where NFL teams can start releasing players from their roster. March 5 marks the date when the free agency period begins and trades can start to take place. I just wanted to assure everyone that I will be covering this whole off-season thoroughly. I have many documents saved in my drafts that I have been working on throughout the playoffs. Basically I have compiled lists of free agents, free agents who didn’t finish the season on any NFL 53 man roster, and all done by position. I also have broken down the free agent list in 4 parts. Since there is no collective bargaining agreement in place yet, I have listed unrestricted free agents (6+ years of experience), restricted free agents (4 and 5 years of experience, who would become unrestricted free agents if a collective bargaining agreement is reached), restricted free agents (3 years of experience and under), and free agents who did not finish the 2009 season on any NFL 53 man roster.

I always have a list that accumulates all the teams that are rumored to have interest in acquiring a certain player. For example, Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb : Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Broncos. In this list I have players who are rumored to be on the trade block as well as free agents. Any time I read a report that says a team is interested in a certain player, I will update it immediately. Another list I have compiled is a list of rumored players to be on the “trade block.” I will also keep track of players who sign contract extensions, players who are involved in trades will be on a seperate list to keep track of all the trades that take place during the 2010 season. I will have a list of who each NFL team drafted in the 2010 draft. Plus much more I will be doing. Things are kind of slow leading up to the start of free agency, but many players will be released before March 5th, so keep checking this blog each day to see all the player movement.

I also will start promoting this blog, once I start putting out my information. I take some pride in knowing that I have not promoted this site to anyone. I put alot of hard work and energy into it, so hopefully you will find my blog useful as a one-stop shop for all of your information, pertaining to this upcoming off-season. I encourage everyone to comment, and if you have any suggestions on what would make this a more enjoyable place for you to visit, please do so. Also if you find any mistakes, feel free to correct me. I am not an insider and don’t claim to have any. I simply just take all the information I see from multiple sites, and post them here. I will give credit where credit is due with everything I do. I also will give you links to sites I follow, so you can enjoy reading them as much as I do. So keep your eyes peeled in the coming days/weeks for my up-to-date lists to drop. Thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully you will enjoy the hard work and effort I put into it.

Cleveland Browns :
*NFL Re-Instated (WR)Donte Stallworth from Reserve/Suspended List
*Released (WR)Donte Stallworth

Denver Broncos :
*Signed (RB)Bruce Hall/Bills to F.C.

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Released (LB)Justin Rogers
*Released (LB)Weston Dacus

Chicago Bears
*Promoted Defensive Line Coach Rod Marinelli, as new Defensive Coordinator

Philadelphia Eagles :
*Hired Phil Savage (Ex-Browns General Manager) as Player Personnel Consultant

Arizona Cardinals :
*Signed (LB)Stevie Baggs/CFL to F.C.

San Francisco 49ers :
*Signed (TE)Tony Curtis/Ravens to F.C,

Buffalo Bills :
*Hired George Edwards (Ex-Dolphins Linebackers Coach) as new Defensive Coordinator