The Off-Season Activities Approaching

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Sports
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Now that we all saw the Saints defeat the Colts 31-17 in the Super Bowl, today marks the first day where NFL teams can start releasing players from their roster. March 5 marks the date when the free agency period begins and trades can start to take place. I just wanted to assure everyone that I will be covering this whole off-season thoroughly. I have many documents saved in my drafts that I have been working on throughout the playoffs. Basically I have compiled lists of free agents, free agents who didn’t finish the season on any NFL 53 man roster, and all done by position. I also have broken down the free agent list in 4 parts. Since there is no collective bargaining agreement in place yet, I have listed unrestricted free agents (6+ years of experience), restricted free agents (4 and 5 years of experience, who would become unrestricted free agents if a collective bargaining agreement is reached), restricted free agents (3 years of experience and under), and free agents who did not finish the 2009 season on any NFL 53 man roster.

I always have a list that accumulates all the teams that are rumored to have interest in acquiring a certain player. For example, Eagles (QB)Donovan McNabb : Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Broncos. In this list I have players who are rumored to be on the trade block as well as free agents. Any time I read a report that says a team is interested in a certain player, I will update it immediately. Another list I have compiled is a list of rumored players to be on the “trade block.” I will also keep track of players who sign contract extensions, players who are involved in trades will be on a seperate list to keep track of all the trades that take place during the 2010 season. I will have a list of who each NFL team drafted in the 2010 draft. Plus much more I will be doing. Things are kind of slow leading up to the start of free agency, but many players will be released before March 5th, so keep checking this blog each day to see all the player movement.

I also will start promoting this blog, once I start putting out my information. I take some pride in knowing that I have not promoted this site to anyone. I put alot of hard work and energy into it, so hopefully you will find my blog useful as a one-stop shop for all of your information, pertaining to this upcoming off-season. I encourage everyone to comment, and if you have any suggestions on what would make this a more enjoyable place for you to visit, please do so. Also if you find any mistakes, feel free to correct me. I am not an insider and don’t claim to have any. I simply just take all the information I see from multiple sites, and post them here. I will give credit where credit is due with everything I do. I also will give you links to sites I follow, so you can enjoy reading them as much as I do. So keep your eyes peeled in the coming days/weeks for my up-to-date lists to drop. Thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully you will enjoy the hard work and effort I put into it.


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