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Dallas Cowboys :
*Re-Signed (RB)Herb Donaldson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Travis Bright to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Donovan Woods to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Marquis Floyd to F.C.

Arizona Cardinals :
*Re-Signed (WR)Onrea Jones to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Edward Gant to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Tom Pestock to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Jonathan Palmer to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Ali Highsmith to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Mark Washington to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DE)Ryan Kees to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Rashad Barksdale to F.C.

Denver Broncos :
*Announced the resignation of Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan


This coming off-season marks a potential mess in the 2010 Free Agency period. If no collective bargaining agreement is reached in March, this is how free agency would break itself down. Players with 6+ years of NFL experience who’s contract expires will become unrestricted free agents, which means they are free to sign with any team, except for the final 8 teams in the playoffs. Those final 8 teams (Jets, Chargers, Ravens, Colts, Cardinals, Saints, Cowboys, & Vikings) would have to lose a player in free agency in order to replace him. Players with 4 and 5 years of NFL experience, who’s contracts are set to expire, would become restricted free agents instead of becoming unrestricted free agents, like they would if there was an agreement in place. This is a terrible thing for teams and players. Instead of being free to sign with any team, they first would have to receive an offer sheet from a different team than they are already on. The team they are already on, has the automatic right to match any offer another team may put forth. The team they are on will have 1 week to match the offer put forth by the other team. If they don’t match the offer, then that player can be signed by the new team. This will reportedly affect 212 players. Players with 3 years of NFL experience and who’s contract expires, are restricted free agents, one way or another.

So if no collective bargaining agreement is reached, the free agent market will be very slim this off-season. If a collective bargaining agreement is reached then those players with 4 and 5 years of NFL experience, who’s contracts are set to expire, can potentially become unrestricted free agents and would be free to sign with any team, including that final 8 playoff teams. Players with 3 years of NFL experience, who’s contracts are set to expire, would be restricted free agents. I’m praying that a collective bargaining agreement is reached, otherwise it will be a dreary free agency period. Interesting, but not as interesting. In the coming weeks and months, I will be giving you breakdowns by position who will potentially become unrestricted and restricted free agents this off-season.

Dallas Cowboys :
*Re-Signed (QB)Jon Kitna to 4-Year Contract Extension (in February 2009)

Chicago Bears :
*Named Mike Tice/Jaguars Assistant Head Coach/Tight Ends Coach as Offensive Line Coach

Green Bay Packers :
*Signed (P)Tim Masthay/Colts to F.C.

New Orleans Saints :
*Re-Signed (RB)Deuce McAllister
*Placed (DT)Rodney Leisle on Injured Reserve

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Re-Signed (CB)Mike Mickens to F.C.

Indianapolis Colts :
*Signed (RB)Devin Moore/Panthers to F.C.

Jacksonville Jaguars :
*Signed (OL)Andrew Crummey/Texans to F.C.

New York Giants :
*Hired Perry Fewell/Bills Head Coach as Defensive Coordinator

New England Patriots :
*Announced Resignation of Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees

Denver Broncos :
*Signed (DE)Baraka Atkins/49ers to F.C.

Oakland Raiders :
*Signed (WR)Yamon Figurs/Buccaneers to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Paul Hubbard to F.C.


NFC / @4:30 ET on FOX
– #4 Arizona Cardinals vs. #1 New Orleans Saints –

AFC / @8:15 ET on CBS
– #6 Baltimore Ravens vs. #1 Indianapolis Colts –

SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 2010 :

NFC / @1:00 ET on FOX
– #3 Dallas Cowboys vs. #2 Minnesota Vikings –

AFC / @4:40 ET on CBS
– #5 New York Jets vs. #2 San Diego Chargers –

New York Giants :
*Claimed (OL)Herb Taylor off waiver from Denver Broncos

Washington Redskins :
*Hired Jim Haslett/Rams Head Coach as Defensive Coordinator
*Hired Bobby Turner/Broncos Running Backs Coach as Associate Head Coach/Running Backs Coach
*Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache announced retirement

New Orleans Saints :
*Signed (OL)Na’Shan Goddard/Seahawks to Practice Squad
*Signed (CB)Glenn Sharpe/Falcons to Practice Squad
*Released (CB)Darrick Brown from Practice Squad

Arizona Cardinals :
*Waived (DE)Jason Banks from Injured Reserve

St. Louis Rams :
*Re-Signed (TE)Eric Butler to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Dominic Douglas to F.C.

New England Patriots :
*(LB)Junior Seau un-officially announced retirement
*Re-Signed (QB)Jeff Rowe to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Darnell Jenkins to F.C.
*Re-Signed (TE)Robbie Agnone to F.C.
*Re-Signed (TE)Robert Myers to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Bruce Davis to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Darryl Richard to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Adrian Grady to F.C.

Tennessee Titans :
*Claimed (LB)Pago Togafau off waivers from Arizona Cardinals
*Signed (OL)Nevin McCaskill/Dolphins to F.C.
*Signed (LB)Jay Moore/Rams to F.C.
*Signed (DE)Marcus Howard/Colts to F.C.

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Hired Romeo Crennel/former Browns Head Coach as Defensive Coordinator

Dallas Cowboys :
*Signed (LB)Leon Williams/Browns to F.C.

Washington Redskins :
*Signed (OL)Kory Lichtensteiger/Vikings to F.C.

Atlanta Falcons :
*Released (CB)Glenn Sharpe from Injured Reserve/Practice Squad

San Francisco 49ers :
*Signed (FB)Jehuu Caulcrick/Buccaneers to F.C.

Miami Dolphins :
*Signed (OL)Dimitri Tsoumpas to F.C.

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Re-Signed Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer to 3-Year Contract Extension

Houston Texans :
*Signed Former Denver Broncos Offensive Line Coach Rick Dennison as Texans new Offensive Coordinator