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NFL Transactions (1/4/10 & 1/5/10)

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New York Giants :
*Re-Signed (OL)Jacob Bender to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Rueben Riley to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Kenny Ingram to F,C.
*Re-Signed (DE)Tommie Hill to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Dwayne Hendricks to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Vince Anderson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Londen Fryar to F.C.

Washington Redskins :
*Agreed in Principle with Mike Shanahan/Broncos as Head Coach
*Fired Head Coach Jim Zorn
*Signed (TE)Lee Vickers/Giants to F.C.
*Re-Signed (RB)Anthony Alridge to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Anthony Armstrong to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)James Robinson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Clint Oldenburg to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Darell Young to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Antoine Holmes to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)J.D. Skotnitsky to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Doug Dutch to F.C.

Chicago Bears :
*Fired Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner
*Re-Signed (FB)Will Taufoou to F.C.
*Re-Signed (TE)Kevin Brock to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Johan Asiata to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Kevin Malast to F.C.

Detroit Lions :
*Signed (S)Jonathan Hefney/Eagles to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Michael Ray-Garvin to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Kole Heckendorf to F.C.
*Re-Signed (TE)Dan Gronkowski to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Kurt Quarterman to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DE)Robert Henderson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Terrance Taylor to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Jahi Word-Daniels to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Paul Pratt to F.C.

Atlanta Falcons :
*Re-Signed (QB)D.J. Shockley to F.C.
*Re-Signed (RB)Antone Smith to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Andy Strickland to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)James Swinton to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Blake Schlueter to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Jose Valdez to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Rob Bruggerman to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DE)Maurice Lucas to F.C.

Carolina Panthers :
*Re-Signed (WR/KR)Dexter Jackson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DE)Eric Moore to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Marcus Walker to F.C.

New Orleans Saints :
*Placed (DE)Charles Grant on Injured Reserve
*Re-Signed (DE)Paul Spicer

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :
*Re-Signed (OL)Marc Dile to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DE)Maurice Evans to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Lee Robinson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Stoney Woodson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Brandon Anderson to F.C,
*Re-Signed (S)Emmanuel Cook to F.C.

Arizona Cardinals :
*Signed (FB)Nehemiah Broughton off New York Giants Practice Squad
*Signed (DE)Jeremy Clark off New York Giants Practice Squad
*Signed (DE)Ryan Kees/Chargers to Practice Squad
*Released (LB)Pago Togafau
*Placed (DE)Jason Banks on Injured Reserve

Seattle Seahawks :
*Re-Signed (P)Jon Ryan to 6-Year Contract Extension

Buffalo Bills :
*Dismissed Perry Fewell as Interim Head Coach
*Re-Signed (OL)Jason Watkins to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Lonnie Harvey to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Rashaad Duncan to F.C.

Cincinnati Bengals :
*Placed (DT)Pat Sims on Injured Reserve
*Signed (CB)Keiwan Ratliff/Steelers

Cleveland Browns :
*Re-Signed (TE)Jed Collins to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Pat Murray to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Jason Capizzi to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Matterral Richardson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Jonathan Lewis to F.C.

Houston Texans :
*Re-Signed (OL)Adam Stenavich to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Brett Helms to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DE)Pannel Egboh to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DE)Jesse Nading to F.C.

Jacksonville Jaguars :
*Re-Signed (RB)Allen Patrick to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Clarence Denmark to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Cameron Stephenson to F.C.

Tennessee Titans :
*Re-Signed (WR)Paul Williams to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Phillip Morris to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Ryan Durand to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Mike Rivera to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DE)Kareem Brown to F.C.
*Re-Signed (S)Nick Schommer to F.C.

Denver Broncos :
*Signed (P)A.J. Trapasso/Titans to F.C.
*Re-Signed (RB)Lance Ball to F.C.
*Re-Signed (TE)Marquez Branson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Mitch Erickson to F.C.
*Re-Signed (LB)Braxton Kelley to F.C.

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Re-Signed (RB)Kestahn Moore to F.C.
*Re-Signed (WR)Chandler Williams to F.C.
*Re-Signed (OL)Jermail Porter to F.C.
*Re-Signed (DT)Bobby Greenwood to F.C.
*Re-Signed (CB)Jackie Bates to F.C.

Oakland Raiders :
*Re-Signed (WR)Shaun Bodiford to F.C.

San Diego Chargers :
*Signed (LB)Dontarrious Thomas/Vikings
*Placed (LB)James Holt on Injured Reserve

* F.C. = Futures Contract


AFC / @4:30 ET on NBC
– #5 New York Jets vs. #4 Cincinnati Bengals –

NFC / @8:00 ET on NBC
– #6 Philadelphia Eagles vs. #3 Dallas Cowboys –

SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 2010 :

AFC / @1:00 ET on CBS
– #6 Baltimore Ravens vs. #3 New England Patriots –

NFC / @4:40 ET on FOX
– #5 Green Bay Packers vs. #4 Arizona Cardinals –

Now that the NFL regular season is over, teams will be signing mostly practice squad players and young players to “futures contracts”. Basically all that means is the player is signed to be on the training camp and preseason roster with that team. All players that were on practice squads to finish out the season with the non playoff teams, are now free agents and are free to sign futures contracts with any team. Playoff teams are still making transactions as the normally would in the regular season.

It’s already been quite busy, as far as the off-season is concerned, and it has only been 2 days. So far we have seen Washington Redskins head coach, Jim Zorn get fired, and will be replaced by long time former Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan. It is also a pretty much safe bet that he will bring with him, Houston Texans offensive coordinator, and son, Kyle Shanahan. The Buffalo Bills cleaned out their entire coaching staff, and it is heavily rumored that former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick already is getting a coaching staff together to become the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills. The Chicago Bears announced they are keeping Lovie Smith in as head coach, and Lovie announced the release of Chicago Bears offensive coordinator, Ron Turner. A few names that have popped up as Ron Turner’s eventual replacement are former 2009 Buffalo Bills interim head coach Perry Fewell, and the ever so popular name of Mike Martz even is rumored to be interested in the position. Also, Bears linebackers coach, Rod Marinelli is rumored to be getting a promotion to new defensive coordinator for the Bears. Within the next week or so we will see if the new Cleveland Browns Head of Football Operations Director, Mike Holmgren, will keep Eric Mangini as his head coach for the Browns, or choose to go in another direction.

As I mentioned before in a previous post, I will be keeping you up-to-date with all the news and rumors throughout the off-season. Everything from the “Head Coaching Carousel”, to players signed to “futures contracts”, to “2010 Free Agency”, to the updated attempts for a new collective bargaining agreement, and how that will affect free agency in 2010. I will be giving you updated listings on who will be free agents by position, weather or not they will be restricted or unrestricted free agents, and all the movement of players via trades or signings. This will be my first year blogging this out, so bear with me. My goal is to give you the viewers, as much information as possible, and be as up-to-date as possible.