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Happy New Year!

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Sports

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has followed this blog since its beginning several months back. I made it a point not to promote it because it is still in a trial and error process. I’m doing as much research as possible to find out what football fans are interested in the most, and I will continue to find new ways to make this more of an interesting blog for all of you. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep track of this all, but I want to put out the best product possible. Anyone that has suggestions, I encourage you to contact me. My email address is and I would like to hear what YOU would like to see more of, when it concerns the National Football League. With the playoffs fast approaching, I will cover that as much as possible and then comes the time of the year for free agency. I will have tons of news and rumors to read during that period of time, and I will work my hardest on bringing you these as soon as I read them myself. I am not an insider, but just someone who loves the sport of football and all of it’s happenings. I don’t take credit for “breaking” any of the material I post. I just want people to have a place where they can go to read all of the up-to-date happenings in the NFL. With that, I hope to hear from as many people as possible, and I wish everyone a safe and healthy new year. Bring on 2010!

– Indianapolis Colts (14-1) vs. Buffalo Bills (5-10)

– New Orleans Saints (13-2) vs. Carolina Panthers (7-8)

– Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8) vs. Cleveland Browns (4-11)

– New England Patriots (10-5) vs. Houston Texans (8-7)

– New York Giants (8-7) vs. Minnesota Vikings (11-4)

– San Francisco 49ers (7-8) vs. St. Louis Rams (1-14)

– Atlanta Falcons (8-7) vs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-12)

– Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7) vs. Miami Dolphins (7-8)

– Chicago Bears (6-9) vs. Detroit Lions (2-13)

– Philadelphia Eagles (11-4) vs. Dallas Cowboys (10-5)

– Kansas City Chiefs (3-12) vs. Denver Broncos (8-7)

– Baltimore Ravens (8-7) vs. Oakland Raiders (5-10)

– Tennessee Titans (7-8) vs. Seattle Seahawks (5-10)

– Washington Redskins (4-11) vs. San Diego Chargers (12-3)

– Green Bay Packers (10-5) vs. Arizona Cardinals (10-5)

– Cincinnati Bengals (10-5) vs. New York Jets (8-7) ***Sunday Night Football***

New York Giants :
*Placed (RB)Brandon Jacobs on Injured Reserve
*Placed (S)Aaron Ross on Injured Reserve
*Activated (QB)Rhett Bomar from Practice Squad
*Activated (S)Sha’reff Rashad from Practice Squad
*Signed (OL)Rueben Riley/Redskins to Practice Squad
*Signed (WR)Bruce Francis to Practice Squad

St. Louis Rams :
*Signed (OL)Mark Lewis/Dolphins to Practice Squad

Seattle Seahawks :
*Signed (TE)Jason Pociask/Panthers to Practice Squad

New England Patriots :
*Activated (OL)Ryan Wendell from Practice Squad
*Waived (DT)Titus Adams