Detroit Lions :
*Released (WR)Taurus Johnson from Practice Squad

Atlanta Falcons :
*Signed (S)Charlie Peprah/Packers
*Placed (S)Jamaal Fudge on Injured Reserve

New Orleans Saints :
*Signed (CB)Mark Parson/Texans to Practice Squad

Arizona Cardinals :
*Signed (TE)Jed Collins/Chiefs to Practice Squad

San Francisco 49ers :
*Signed (OL)Kirk Barton/Lions to Practice Squad

Houston Texans :
*Placed (TE)Owen Daniels on Injured Reserve
*Activated (DE)Jesse Nading from Practice Squad
*Signed (LB)Marcus Freeman/Bills to Practice Squad
*Signed (TE)Dezmond Sherrod/Steelers to Practice Squad

Indianapolis Colts :
*Placed (LB)Tyjuan Hagler on Injured Reserve
*Activated (LB)Cody Glenn from Practice Squad
*Re-Signed (WR)Sam Giguere to Practice Squad

Kansas City Chiefs :
*Placed (S)Jarrad Page on Injured Reserve
*Re-Signed (CB)Travis Daniels

Oakland Raiders :
*Signed (WR)Shaun Bodiford/Giants to Practice Squad

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