2009 NFL Trade Deadline Rumor (Chiefs (WR)Dwayne Bowe heading to Ravens?)

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Sports
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When I got off work today, I did my usual search of the web for some interesting material to bring to the readers of this blog. Everyone enjoys a good rumor (including myself), so I’ll bring you this one I stumbled across today. Supposedly, the Baltimore Ravens are trying to swing a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs to acquire their true #1 Wide Receiver, Dwayne Bowe. The rumor even went as far as saying that the Ravens would be sending the Chiefs a future 2nd Round Draft Pick along with a future 5th Round Draft Pick. Sounds like a little more than a rumor if you are stating exactly what rounds the future picks would be….right? We’ll see…..If it does, then congrats to the Ravens. They would be getting a young star wide receiver (taken in the first round of the 2007 draft), who has proven he has the talent to become a top wide receiver in this league for years to come. I just don’t understand why Kansas City would give up on him so early. I know that new Chiefs head coach Todd Haley wasn’t big on Bowe since his arrival, due to Bowe’s work ethic. He has slowly worked himself out of Haley’s “doghouse” though, and is becoming a top target for Chiefs (QB)Matt Cassel. Honestly if I were the Chiefs, I would hold on to Bowe. I understand that they are in a re-building process, and 2 more draft choices may sound enticing, but Bowe should be one of the cornerstones to their re-building process.

If the Ravens hauled in Dwayne Bowe, it would give them a receiver who would be able to fill the shoes of (WR)Derrick Mason once he retires. The Ravens have been in search of a young star wide receiver ever since the off-season, so this rumor doesn’t really come as a surprise. They were linked to Broncos (WR)Brandon Marshall, and Cardinals (WR)Anquan Boldin for much of the off-season. When Derrick Mason temporarily retired, they signed former Rams (WR)Drew Bennett, who just a couple of days after being signed retired himself. They were also linked to bringing in former Colts (WR)Marvin Harrison, but age and money i’m sure were the turn-offs to signing Harrison. We will find out soon enough though if this trade will take place. If it doesn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were able to complete a trade for another young receiver before the deadline.

Here is a link to the rumor so you can check it out for yourselves.

  1. bradtroyphotography says:

    I’m not a Ravens fan, but that’s a better rumor than TO to Baltimore.

  2. Yeah I would have to agree with you….thanks for checking out the blog!

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