2009 NFL Trade Deadline (Cleveland Browns (WR/KR) Joshua Cribbs)

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
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The Cleveland Browns and Joshua Cribbs have come to a crossroads in contract extension talks. Cribbs was looking to get an extension somewhere in the realm of Devin Hester’s extension, which is pretty damn fair to say the least. The Browns are a dismal franchise and they need to start re-building on their “re-build” all over again. Reportedly the Dolphins, Colts, Chiefs, Raiders, Jaguars, and 49ers have all called Cleveland in regards to a trade for the promising Joshua Cribbs. Well Cleveland, now is the time to trade him. Yes, he would be a great piece to your second re-building stage in as many years, but you need to start piling on those draft picks, and with 6 teams inquiring so far about Cribbs, you should be able to get in a nice bidding war for his services. Cribbs is a very talented kick returner, put still needs to prove his worth as a wide receiver. I don’t blame him for not producing much yet because look who he’s got throwing to him. Joshua Cribbs is a multi-talented player who could benefit so much from going to a team like the Colts, or the Dolphins. The Dolphins were the first reported team interested in his services, and if they were able to lure Cribbs away from Cleveland, just think of the possibilities he could bring to the Wildcat. Miami is probably salivating at the thought.

The Browns seem to not be budging, and reports that have come out today suggest that Cleveland is not interested in trading Cribbs. Lets see what he has done for Cleveland since he entered the league in 2005.

RECEIVING : 192yds / 25rec / 7.7 avg yds (per reception) / 1TD
You have to note that he was very rarely used as a receiver.

RUSHING : 295yds / 46att / 6.4 avg yds (per carry) / 1 TD
Once again you have to note that he was rarely used in this role as well.

KICK RETURNS : 6,029yds / 229 returns / 26.3 avg yds (per return) / 5 touchdowns (2 of which were 100 yard TD’s)
PUNT RETURNS : 949yds / 81 returns / 11.7 avg yds (per return) / 2 touchdowns

So he is a very skilled kick and punt returner, that could potentially turn into a great wide receiver. That all will depend on if he gets traded out of Cleveland this weekend. Cribbs agent has been reportedly saying the Cleveland is being “very unfair” in it’s stance not to trade Cribbs, but if the right offer comes along, I just don’t see how they could pass it up.


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