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We will bring you all kinds of different information. We are going to do our best at keeping you up to date on all of the NFL transactions, and changes to team rosters on a week to week basis. We will talk about current free agents, and give you up to date lists on who is available for teams to help their rosters down the stretch. We will give you opinions, facts, rumors, and plenty of fantasy football information. The NFL has become 365 days a year news worthy, so we hope you come to our site so you can keep yourself informed with all the up to date NFL information. Feel free to leave comments and discuss topics as much as you like. We want you, the fans, to participate in this site as much as us. There are a lot of great football sites to go to for information, and we just hope to become one of them. Things may seem a little thrown together at first, but we will get it all sorted out. You’ve gotta start somewhere, right? Basically if you enjoy the game of football, then this is the place you will want to be!

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