New York Giants, best team in football?

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Sports
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I love these “rankings” so early in the season. I mean really, who really knows which team will perform til week 17 and into the playoffs? Well, if any team is going to do that, my money is on Eli and the Giants. Say what you will about Eli Manning, compare him to his brother or father, but the guy wins.

I’m going to roll off some stats for you: 15,370 yards, 103 touchdowns, 1 Super Bowl Win and 1 Super Bowl MVP trophy. Not bad for a 6th year player. Now take away his best receiver due to stupidity, and through week three you have 5 touchdowns, only 1 interception, 747 yards and a qb rating of 104.1..oh and the Giants are 3-0.
Now we can switch gears to the Giants defense, who rank 2nd in total defense with 245.3, 1st in passing yards per game with 124.0 (that tampa game really helped that out), and the one weakness 20th in run-stopping defense with 121.3 per game while allowing 4 touchdowns.

The Giants may not be the most flashy team in the NFL, they may not have Plaxico or Strahan anymore. They do, however, have Steve Smith and Mario Manningham who continue to look dominant. I’m looking forward to the rest of the regular season, and I’ll be watching Coughlin’s Giants all the way to the playoffs.

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