NFL Week 3 Starts/Sits

Posted: September 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

First things first, this is our first installment of who to start/sit. These picks are obviously just our opinion, so we can’t guarantee any results…so here we go:



Take a look back at last week’s games, and you’ll know you have a definite start in Mario Manningham. Eli looked as if he wanted Manningham to be the main target versus the Cowboys, and look for that to stay the same against the bucs. Steve Smith (giants) is also a must start.

Vincent Jackson looked like his old self, and I expect that to catapult him into a big week against the dolphins. I’m thinking he hits the end zone once and has around 5-6 catches for 70ish yards. A definite must start.

Braylon Edwards Should have a good week this week against the ravens, I not only think Edwards has to perform for Cleveland to win, I believe he will and they will.

Sort of a sleeper pick, if you have him…it might be worth giving Johnny Knox a start. He and Cutler seem to have a good chemistry going, and that can be a potent combination.

While we had an interesting time trying to figure out our definite sits for this weekend, Benard Berrian, Justin Gage and Roddy White came to mind. Sitting these three would be a good idea for fantasy owners.


Knoshown Moreno, Ray Rice and Tim hightower look like locks for this weekend. I would definitely start them if you have em. Knoshown Moreno was a great sleeper pick if you drafted him, however the chances are he won’t still be available on the FA list. Ray Rice has been a nice little addition to fantasy teams. He has been the main guy in Baltimore this year, and I expect him to have a big game against Cleveland. Tim Hightower was a little wishy/washy on my list this week…he may have a huge week or he could be a dud. If he’s in a flex spot, it may be worth a shot.

The only definite sit I have this week is Cedric Benson. Don’t even look at him, unless you’re sandbagging for a loss.


I don’t think it really needs noting the definites such as: Brees and Manning, so I don’t even put them on the list. However, I’d start Eli, Rivers and Sanchez this week. Eli is starting to look pretty consistant, and Sanchez is coming into his own in New York. Rivers seems to be an instant lock this week against Miami. Look for him and Vincent Jackson to hook up quite a few times.

Thanks for reading our week 3 picks.. If you have any questions please visit our forums at

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